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The fireplace - — High thermal efficiency of the fireplace

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
Fireplace, just as its name implies is done by wood or compressed wood burning and heating a fireplace. The fireplace heat transfer as the sun, mainly thermal radiation and natural convection. The center of the fireplace can reach several baidu, temperature fan gradually weakened. Formed by the uneven temperature of air convection, adjust indoor dry humidity, bring human settlements balance. The radiation heat like sunshine can contain infrared sterilization, tide, make the person feels very warm and comfortable. Today, people in the design of the bedroom chooses the fireplace is more of a complex of fireplace love. Plate for fireplace fireplace cast iron fireplace cast iron fireplace and fireplace is the two kinds of main material, the fireplace is two main types of exports. We see first before the comparison between the two raw materials. Raw materials are iron and just - — Iron. Is a kind of alloy steel. Iron is easy to melt and pour into the mold is made from cast iron, rolled into plate became a steel plate. Carbon content is higher than steel, cast iron and microstructure is porous structure, so the heat capacity of the cast iron is larger than steel plate. Thus have their features as follows: 1, cast iron fireplace relative steel fireplace warms slowly but the heating time is longer, modelling in the majority with traditional style restoring ancient ways. 2, steel fireplace point and then heating speed heating time is faster, more modern style and more shape. 3, cast iron assembly adopts bolt + sealing rope way, the hearth plate welding process the hearth furnace good seal. Embedded fireplace detached fireplace hanging above the fireplace hanging fireplace not embedded or independent type high thermal efficiency, but because of its unique shape and the improvement of the design of heating is becoming more and more accepted by more creative designers and design to the plan, the recent online more fire meng also teacher I miss you in charge of the home is designed a hanging in the fireplace, very attractive. Embedded and independent type two kinds of fireplace application more widely, embedded need to reserve a good flue, detached if no reserved in advance can cut holes in glass or wall with pipe smoke out directly. As shown in the figure below detached fireplace cast iron material, generally can not embedded into the wall inside so the cooling effect is more direct. No matter what kind of fireplace installation height of the chimney has certain requirements, generally not less than 4 meters, horizontal alignment as small as possible, generally transverse width is not more than a quarter of the height. Safety precautions: 1, before installation to ensure that the ground or bracket can bear the weight of the whole furnace 2, combustion heat can make the surface of the furnace body temperature, can't direct contact with the oven door handles, glass, smoke tube, furnace body front wall and so on, if you need contact must contain relevant protective measures or bring a high temperature resistant gloves. 3, the use of clean energy, banned use flammable liquids such as gasoline, kerosene, alcohol ignition, and these things away from the fireplace. Around 4, to ensure that no flammable items. The safe distance has two cases, the first: non inflammable a> 400毫米b> 200 mm second flammable items, and the thermal conductivity of concrete material components support wall ( Refers to the distance, right in front of the stove b refers to the back or side) About 1, start, operation must continue to work when using 1 for the first time. 2, 5 hours to reach normal operating temperature fuel dry has processed wood or natural wood. Use damp wood can reduce the heating efficiency and produce the oil in the chimney. Fuel should not add too much at a time, each furnace size is different also, can not add too full, otherwise cause temperature is too high and thus damage the stove, also causes the incomplete combustion emissions too much waste of fuel gas.
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