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The fireplace heating value unknown secrets

by:Longjian     2020-10-22
About general domestic fireplace heating value like electricity power to represent the electric fireplace energy size, electrical power UNIT is W W, and the western countries like by BTU fireplace energy size, BTU is BTU, full name is: the BRITISH THERMAL UNIT/HOUR, expressed in BTU/HR, mean the heat release in English per HOUR, can understand as one pound of water temperature rise to 1 degree Fahrenheit heat as needed. 1. And usually units joule heat conversion ( 1 joule energy equivalent to 1 Newton power point in the direction of the force on the mobile 1 meter distance of work) Relationship is: 1 BTU/HR = 1055. 06 J( The joule) ; 1 j = 0。 0000094781BTU/HR ; 2. The electrical and W ( Physical meaning of the 1 w is the power of 1 w electrical work a second power) The conversion relation is: 1 BTU/HR = 0. 293071 watt ( W) ; 1 w = 3。 41214 BTU/HR ; 3. In addition, and conversion of calories unit is: 1 btu/HR = 0. 2519 Kcal kilocalorie ( Calories) ; 1 kcal kilocalorie ( Calories) = 3. 9698 BTU/HR ; 【 Actual use effect 】 In China, because the relationship between geographical climate, determines the main effect of most of the fireplace or decoration, decoration, and heating. General electric fireplace around 1900 w electrical design ( Watch the power generally around 80 w) , the equivalent of calorific value in 6483 btu/HR. This fake, because of the electricity meter is the power of the test, no water; True fire fireplace calorific value is higher, but the average person is not test again, unless it is a special test facility, you only have to look at the manufacturer's instruction manual and nameplate and introduce yourself, Internet, some manufacturer identifies calorific value in 9000 calories per hour, or 30000 calories per hour, has a lot of times, but the user can't prove that. Sold on the market of the coal, if not of high quality coal, that of ordinary cheap cheap, the actual heat value is only around 4100 kcal/h/Kg, only reach national standard of high quality coal calorific value 7000 kcal/h/Kg, the coal industry experts the most clearly. Although electric fireplace heating value lower, but its safety coefficient of the highest, not emissions, smoke, dust, odor, and light, without installation engineering, environmental protection, without the advantages of cleaning maintenance is irreplaceable, doors and Windows had words, is 25 square meters of indoor can feel warm, the area of the large area is changed to do local heating, feel warm. Electric fireplace and not because of the inferior calorific value out, just like before cooking, all is the use of coal, wood, straw to produce true fire to burn, burn for thousands of years, but are now using a rice cooker, even the hot-pot restaurant really fire pot, many also switch to pan, the progress of the society, the condemned man will completely into the electric appliance, the digital age. Some people use wood or wood stoves, said they use the stove is not to save money, and other energy sources in order to avoid production caused by environmental problems. Users of wood stove michelle & middot; Mr Bell says: 'power need of coal, coal lead to global warming. We also use stove to green environmental protection. Itself is renewable wood, is made of wood, furniture factory and lumber-mill surplus. ”
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