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The fireplace focus on material collocation of choose and buy

by:Longjian     2020-10-22
Western style fireplace is gradually popular with owners, more and more into the Chinese family life. Designers, however, suggests that the fireplace when use should be more attention to the material, specification, decoration and the collocation of indoor environment, avoid by all means is neither fish nor fowl. Broadness amounts to adornment fireplace watching space, a senior designer LouQing tree is introduced, the current domestic, electric fireplace and fireplace is divided into true fire fireplace decorative fireplace 3 kinds. The reporter understands, true fire fireplace is divided into gas fireplaces and wood burning fireplace, the general will need to have a chimney or flue dust and smoke from, suitable for single-family villas, etc. ; Electric fireplace is suitable for all kinds of door model, the price is relatively cheap and convenient installation, but the heating effect is relatively poor. Compared with simulation of decorative fireplace is as adornment effect is more outstanding and most widespread, it simulated the effect of 'burn wood fireplace, to achieve the purpose of decorated the house, there is no heating function. Its mostly in new classical style, the price is in 5000 yuan. Despite an increase in the number, but the fireplace at home still belongs to a niche product. Industry peak peak wing high-end design center of Beijing branch of senior designer Xu Jian introduction, want to consider the problems of flue true fire fireplace, but domestic to set aside the space construction especially less, if you want to use true fire fireplace, to be late to modify single-family villas, such as space; If the terrace, fold spell villa also consider property management requirements of appearance. Generally apartment without a corresponding flue, unless the self-built cast iron pipe, it is difficult to use true fire fireplace. In addition, as a kind of heating equipment, the current domestic fireplace cannot fully meet the requirements of indoor heating, or is given priority to with decorative. Appearance is important adornment fireplace style depends on its appearance design. The reporter understands from the market, fireplace products, finished product owners need to measure good measure, put in the home; Some vendors provide only the fireplace core, the owner to buy back home can design according to their own style of the appearance of the mantel. Designers have repeatedly stressed that the style of the fireplace with indoor style collocation. Xu Jian introduction, if indoor is rustic style, can choose red brick, the material such as rubble and do old wood are tie-in, builds a simple casual leisure feeling; If the interior is modern style, pay attention to fashionable avant-courier, but after buying the fireplace core, dig a hole in the wall directly, leave some space to put some wood, both create a warm atmosphere, and cheerful and agile; If is the Europe type style, can use the most court temperament or sandstone, marble stone, really stone paint, etc. , to create elegant temperament; American style, can choose wooden frame with cast iron core of the fireplace, framework generally choose wine red and brown color is thick wood material, retained the traditional process on modelling and dispense with multifarious adornment. Specifications more representative area needs to match the fireplace after all is a kind of culture and atmosphere, especially need to pay attention to when designing and using its specifications and compatibility of building area. Xu Jian introduction, if you choose to finished product fireplace, must advance forecast is good in the area of the building and the proportion of the fireplace; If his mantelpiece, according to the size to buy appropriate fireplace in the core, to do the corresponding model. LouQing tree, said to some like fireplace but the owner of building area is small, can not buy a fireplace, but try to according to the indoor area to miniature fireplace specifications by materials such as brick build by laying bricks or stones a mantelpiece, put a pile of firewood in reserved empty place again, both economic and concise, can also meet the needs of small bedroom use the fireplace. The reporter understands, fireplace product price difference is very big also. If need to domestic outfit decorative fireplace, artificial cost about 3000 - 5000 yuan; The finished fireplace for differences in the material selection and heating effect of the difference, price from 5000 60000 yuan, the same category products price can be up to 10 times, if buy true fire fireplace, consider the effect of smoke extraction and after-sales service, consumer is when the choose and buy needs to add more, carefully.
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