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The fireplace - — Dance of the elves

by:Longjian     2020-10-21
Fireplace is a kind of fireplace, fireplace fuel use environmentally friendly renewable energy - — Bioethanol. Fireplace because of its environmental protection, more real, installation is simple and flexible design characteristics such as more and more get the favour of the new middle owners and designers. This paper mainly introduce the fireplace and classification, the matters needing attention in using and maintaining methods such as a fireplace, fireplace is a kind of use environmental protection and renewable energy as fuel ethanol fireplace brings warmth to enjoy. Fireplace is mainly divided into two kinds, fireplace and intelligent fireplace manually. Manual general is one of the traditional mechanical fireplace, fireplace function is relatively simple. We mainly introduce intelligent fireplace, more perfect performance, higher safety factor. Intelligent core design has a fireplace with special completely isolated storage chamber, combustion fully, absolutely does not need to be reserved in advance the flue, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide resulting from is the lowest, the safest, most environmental protection. S product size: s intelligent fireplace name each part to a length of 500 mm, for example, average fuel consumption is 0. 7 l/H, the fuel tank volume of 7 l, basically a fuel combustion time can in 10 hours, of course it is related to the flame size, actual time will be a little difference. Oxygen consumption is 0. 7 cubic/hour, thermal efficiency is 5 kw/H, carbon dioxide 0. 5 m3 / H. Second, security, because the fireplace flames are open, so security is the top priority. General designers can from the following aspects to consider the security performance of the fireplace. Tilt equipment shutdown alarm protection, equipment vibration shutdown alarm protection, carbon monoxide levels shutdown alarm protection, excess carbon dioxide shutdown alarm protection, environment temperature super high temperature shutdown alarm protection, fireplaces, ontology shutdown alarm protection, burning machine line shutdown alarm protection, burning tank leak protection shutdown alarm protection, fuel tank leakage power off alarm protection, burning level ultra-high power off alarm protection, child locks, etc. Around do also want to consider the safety protection measures around the hole safety and beautiful. Safety if around flammable items must do fireproof heat insulation processing, beautiful advice around the mouth of the cave with brunet ornaments, so that the flame effect is better. 3 when using note 1, burning fireplace, fireplace don't add fuel, otherwise it will cause fire. 2, add fuel, if accidentally spilled leakage outside the tank, be sure to dry in time, otherwise it will cause a fire. 3, the use of fuel must be more than 95% bioethanol, avoid by all means does not replace, can use other fuel methanol in particular, can make the person poisoning. 4, fireplace use cannot substitute fuels such as gasoline, kerosene, 5, fireplace for heating and ornamental use only, cannot be used for barbecue equipment. 6, fireplaces, electricity must adopt independent line and set the switch. 7, burning fireplace requires indoor oxygen, please keep indoor and ventilated. 8, fireplace in combustion state, do not move, can lead to fire. 9, fireplaces, long time no or when going out, please closed the main supply to the fireplace. 10, fireplace installed level, system won't be able to start properly. Finally I was with a 500 mm length of smart fireplace case make a show, so more intuitive, also can make a design for us reference.
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