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The fireplace complex

by:Longjian     2020-10-22
Low if water is the mother of mankind, so fire is the father of human beings. Love is a kind of human in fire pursuit of life instinct and the attachment. Fireplace, just as its name implies is embedded in the fire on the wall. Her history can be traced back to ancient Greece and ancient Rome, and prosperity, and in the Renaissance. Throughout the long river of time, not the item is like fireplaces, from beginning to end, is not only the means of human warmth, and home decoration and the core of the family activities, and, more importantly, fire fireplace let human beliefs and dependence become a handsome, sensible, can touch the perfect. Low perfect classic through the baptism of the history of lead China to become a cultural symbol. The fireplace is a kind of culture, culture can across national boundaries has a long history and is widely appreciated and accepted. The development of The Times bring new life to the fireplace, use the new energy electric fireplace arises at the historic moment, but the connotation of carrying on the fireplace hasn't changed, it is to see the warm, let be expected. The external emotional carrier brings to us is still stable happiness and endless love. Fireplace in the complex, from scratch, from west to east, from the strong to strong, from memory to enjoy private. 。 。
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