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The fireplace common problem resolution

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
1. The fireplace is usually villas and other luxury to use? This is a myth. For home and yearning for a better life, we are all common pursuit and needs, at the same time the fireplace culture is, in fact, the western one of the most important and widely disseminated, average household use the fireplace is generally very high. With the development of the fireplace, fireplace is widely used in the flat and little space. So whatever a person of extraordinary powers curtilage or ordinary houses, apartment and villa, we are always can easily see the figure of the fireplace. 2. The fireplace is to use only makes sense? Of course not. In European and American countries, the most is that the villa or apartment for fireplace, almost every space is placed. The fireplace is usually placed in the sitting room, living room, restaurant and other important areas in order to achieve the effect of 'around the stove', and other areas of the fireplace is adornment effect. In some conditions not how ideal apartment, hotel, space, the fireplace is the core as interior decoration to use commonly. If not the fireplace, the designer is a widespread belief that it should be the most important architectural structure and interior decoration items, even if in the four cities small apartment, simple electric fireplace can also make the whole bedroom immediately became warm and elegant. 3. The home of Chinese style style is suitable for the fireplace? This is a good question. For the love of the fire is common human nature, as a new generation, around the stove are relishes allusions in Chinese culture. The living environment of Chinese style, although before a fireplace western tradition, but everyone in fireplace, stove, the brazier was always very unforgettable memory. More importantly, fireplace in the cultural connotation of the core is family culture - — For the attaches great importance to the family of the Chinese people, accept very easy. And using fire fireplace compared with traditional Chinese forms, there are many a bit, so a lot of Chinese style design works at home and abroad, also often appear in line with the Oriental aesthetic style fireplace, in the case of the zhongshan courtyard, there are a lot of modern style, rectangle, circle, square, and even dragon-shaped fireplace. 4. The fireplace, fireplace is good or fireplace? There are a lot of people like the feel of wood burns the original, but most people prefer the fireplace environmental protection facilities, and with the development of modern design and technology, the fireplace is also becoming more popular. 5. If I have to use the fireplace, so does not need other heating equipment? In most cases, people still use the fireplace in floor heating or air conditioning space, the heating in low temperature runtime maintain 10 ℃ - in general 18 ℃, this time can open fireplace, environmentally friendly and comfortable, you will enjoy this feeling of the body gradually warming. 6. I can build the fireplace? If you live in the city, then don't suggest you build traditional open fireplace, because this fireplace ash removal is difficult, not environmental protection, quick heat loss compared with modernization, false fire fireplace.
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