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The fireplace chimneys installed parsing

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
Installation type at and away from combustible and wall and ceiling formed under the premise of effective safe distance, there are two ways to install metal chimney, and placed in a chimney in indoor or outdoor installation method. A chimney in outdoor installation in outdoor installation, called external installation. Actually refers to the chimney from near the hearth furnace directly to the wall, the switching of the air outside the house. Compared with chimneys in the indoor installation, external installation in heating efficiency, maintain heat energy, and according to the experimental results show that the external installation is usually bring the negative effect of draught is insufficient, easy to form the build-up of creosote in the chimney. If you use the chimney in outdoor installation method, to use double pipe with isolation layer in the middle. Install the sample stack in indoor when the chimney through the indoor installation, ceiling and roof, as far as possible choose to chimney in indoor installations, this way of internal installation of heat faster, and better able to keep the quantity of heat, so that can promote the draught, reduce the deposit of creosote. When the chimney through the ceiling, and/or the floor, must install fire prevention fixtures. To the chimney wall structure, at least 50 mm thick insulation. When chimneys and walls were not in a safe range and may cause hidden trouble, should use protector to protect the wall. General note: only use high temperature resistant metal chimney. Do not connect the fireplace to any transmission or air distribution system. Do not connect the chimney to other devices, because it will affect the safe running of the fireplace and other equipment. Install the fireplace place must have enough to meet the requirements of the combustion air circulation. Excessive seal housing may lead to the chimney can not work effectively, and even back to indoor will smoke, reverse draft. In this case, it is necessary on the outside of the house set up a special air intake to supply air burning fireplace when needed. External factors affecting the operation of the chimney: highly sealed inside of a house, there is no air flow. So don't have enough air in the fireplace hearth, smoke. The external air input in furnace can solve this problem. Install the house close to the fireplace of trees or other high buildings worldwide. The wind speed. Usually, winds will increase draught, but the storm less draught. Indoor and outdoor temperature difference, the cold outside, take power, the better. Air pressure, in the humid rainy day, or a stormy day, take power generally weaker. The degree of combustion flame. Fire the hotter, the bigger the draught. Chimney cracks, oven door sealing is bad or dirty, air into the connecting pipe, and other devices to the chimney, will affect the draught. The following is installing a chimney must follow the standard ( 不正确的, Don't Correct - right Right) : 1. Use heat insulation or flammable materials. Do not install the asbestos cement pipe. 2. Choose as far as possible the vertical installation path. Do not connect more than one fireplace to a chimney. 3. The chimney can't be too short, adjacent buildings, must be more than the most close to the roof of the height. 4. Interior wall must be smooth, no obstacles. In the joint of pipe and wall, pipe don't take too long, otherwise it will affect the smoke. 5. Pipe connection must be sealed, avoid the occurrence of cracks. 6. Covered the roof should check the tightness of the chimney, chimney, and introduces the wet straw and paper chimney, lighting it and produce a lot of smoke, observe whether run smoke. 7. The chimney is much higher than the housing the top one meter. If you want to increase the draught, will need to increase the height of the chimney. 8. Coul must not hinder the draught. 9. Clean up the chimney once a year at least. 10. In the case of a simple to use metal, fireplace chimney pipe joint must be sealed with refractory material. Each tube must and corresponds to the adjacent pipe, in order to prevent the creosote leak outward. 11. External metal fireplace chimneys must use special double heat pipe installation for solid fuel.
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