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The fireplace and villa

by:Longjian     2020-10-22
Fireplace in the concept of the Chinese and the villa is inseparable, most of the Chinese understanding of fireplace from European and American film and television, everybody has an understanding of the fireplace is big chimney, a big hole, the front have a marble fireplace frame or other material. People sitting in front of the fireplace to throw a wood around the heating such a concept. Everyone doesn't take into account of, however, the fireplace in the film and television are able to burn, is through the fireplace expert of professional design and professional workers to use, after the construction is not simply a hole and a chimney can be burning, it will involve a lot, such as air convection, architecture and so on. China currently villa without professional design and construction of the fireplace will exist the following problems: 1, it is difficult to ignite, this is because, without a flash media. 2. Lit after burn, no air convection to learn, will not be able to make it fast burning. 3. No heating effect, this is because the big chimney went away with all the heat. 4. Ash fly full house. Impact to the beauty of decoration and furniture. This is because the furnace chamber without reasonable design. 5. Sparks. There is a lot of potential safety problems. 6. Incomplete combustion or automatically extinguished. Increase the cleaning and the intensity of labor. Because of these reasons, most of the villa owner is very has the emotional appeal and the practical value of the household articles for use as a adornment is put in the living room, became a chicken ribs, with cannot be used again, a big wide open in the night and feel very terrible, like a big mouth there. Inside a lot of people went to pile up sundry, might well have adornment effect fireplace into the garbage can. In fact, in short, electric fireplace is not only an ornament, but also a convenient and efficient tool of heating.
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