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The fireplace and the secret of the western holidays

by:Longjian     2020-10-22
In the west, fireplace also have a close relationship with all kinds of festivals. On Halloween, the most important ceremony is lit the fire, and around as much as a number of small stone is placed in the fireplace, it is said that if a stone is to move the next morning, master would have died in the year. On Christmas morning, children the first thing to do is rushed to the front of the fireplace for Santa Claus to bring their gifts. Friday in the third quarter of Dorset, hanging a piece of toast, is said to be in the fireplace will ensure a good harvest next year. Fireplace somewhat mysterious by connected to the chimney, chimney is connected to the outside world and the inner world of a channel, when the oven door after being closed in the summer, people will be curious to know what is hidden inside, because the oven door closed to form a very convenient storage pits. Many children painting house, we may be surprised to find these innocent pictures, all the houses are painted with a chimney, and the mystery of the fireplace is down a chimney, visible, in children's subconscious, fire and the fireplace was born with a kind of close.
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