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The fireplace and the background wall, fireplace design is very fashion!

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
Now the fireplace design is more and more following the fashion trends, the modelling of fashion elements, combined with natural stone material unique charm, make it favored by people. These fireplace, well with household integration. Is fireplace setting wall, the marble design is so beautiful. Look at is how to make the fireplace marble and setting wall is a perfect combination. Classical many people tend to be European classical, or a lot of American household design, by this time the use of fireplace is very extensive. For classic furniture, materials of marble fireplace can let a space become very simple sense, design elegant marble fireplace in the classical style of the sitting room, can be in the fireplace in the form of classical decorative and carve patterns or designs on woodwork with marble material and its natural grain, can let a sitting room becomes very different. Minimalism as opposed to a classical style, modern minimalism marble fireplace is more exquisite modelling is contracted, because marble material itself have qualitative feeling very much, so this time the very nature of the contracted form let it get the best reflected, combined with its own lines, will increase your fireplace of modernism and organized. Set personality character of marble fireplace mainly use in public Spaces or luxury private residences, this design is to reflect the marble brought about by the magnificent feeling, in the form of beauty and personality with the decorative pattern of marble, let a space become very creative and artistic. Colour for marble fireplace, a lot of easy powder will doubt, don't we can only use white marble? Fact is not, of course, in this way, actually characteristics of the marble determine it is the colour of individual character, and that natural texture makes this kind of colour has become very natural and special. So if you want to have a colorful space, so can think in marble on the choice of one, maybe will make your household environment look brand-new. From: stone business circle
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