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The fireplace after hang up, my family became the 'show' in the neighborhood

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
Hang in the home the fireplace, namely beautiful, still can enjoy a variety of functions of the fireplace, but the installation of hanging fireplace needs careful planning, can play the biggest advantage of, with benefits, at the same time outside the design safety, can't forget in addition, you have to choose the best position to enhance the whole space of the existing design feeling to the embodiment of the decorative elements. Lifestyle need to hang without the need for professional installation of the fireplace is usually made of electric actuator, but hanging on heating and ornamental fireplace. Gas pipeline availability and strict building regulations often limit you to install the fireplace option. Over the years, the equipment in a cost-effective won good reputation and flexibility, and can be easily under the condition of them move from one room to another room. They have a series of decorative style, from contemporary to modern furnace design. According to the demand for and warm atmosphere, hanging fireplace can hang in the living area, bedroom, office and the wall of the garage. Position hanging the fireplace, the bolt in the room or beam largely determine the best position. These units are generally very heavy, so need structural support. You obviously want fireplace to see in the choice of whole room locations, but there are other considerations. The equipment needs are situated near the power socket, but can not be located in the upper part. You don't want to in the bottom of the fireplace heating vents to heat blows directly to export. In accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, Suggestions of combustible materials distance and the number of inches from the ground to the unit. Safety hanging fireplace when safety considerations include the appropriate balance and placement. Install the hardware is usually required to be submitted with the equipment. If you don't have the available, according to your specific fireplace precise weight and size for professional advice. Rear QingChuFa does not apply to electronic fireplace. To be on the safe side, please use not near flammable paint, wallpaper and accessories. Choose to stay away from moisture and the location of the liquid. Aesthetic hanging fireplace can contribute to the overall design of the room, often become a central focal point. Is it real or is the essence of the fire, regardless of the flame simulation, will attract attention and arouse the warm atmosphere. When choosing location according to the structure and security considerations, you may need to rearrange the furniture, so that the unit merge into the room adornment theme.
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