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The evolution and development of lamps and lanterns (zhongshan lighting

by:Longjian     2020-09-18
The evolution and development of lamps and lanterns in ancient times, the primitive without lighting appliances, no fire. Bad dark environment, the people of ancient times difficult to live in it. Shackles of the night before it was low-level living activities, the night also gave the beast ravaging and invading human creates a chink in the wall. With the progress of the society, the widespread use of people in fire first, their living environment and living condition changed dramatically. Fire, to drive the birds and beasts, fear and worry is deep in the hearts of people with the emergence of the fire. Gradually people will consciously will fire saved, and these used to hold fire equipment through constant improvement and evolution, formed a special lighting objects: lamps and lanterns. The development process of lamps and lanterns, starting with the manufacturing all kinds of save the fire equipment, by 1897, Edison invented the electric light bulb, lamps and lanterns, after a long evolution experienced animal oil lamp, plant oil lamps, kerosene lamps, incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp to now widely used LED lights, such a process after OLED technology mature and popular, lamps and lanterns and there will be a kind of new form. Early lamps and lanterns, similar earthen sheng feeder 'beans'. On a dish, among with column is linked together, although the shape is simpler, has laid a Chinese oil lamp is the basic model. One thousand years development, the function of the light also gradually changed from original single practical to combining the practical and decorative. These dynasties tomb unearthed fine lamps and lanterns, as well as the house works handed down from ancient times, modelling elegant, decorative numerous rich, reflecting the aesthetic style of the mainstream. Every change affects the illumination enterprise's development. Due to the development of LED lighting technology, China lighting industry once again into the industry pattern of obvious changes in the key period. Modern lamps including household lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, road lighting, landscape lighting, special lighting, etc. Home lighting from the birth of electricity appeared the earliest incandescent bulbs, later to the fluorescent tube, to the later of energy-saving lamps, halogen lamps, halogen tungsten lamp, special material gas discharge lamp and LED lighting, and so on, all the lighting lamps and lanterns is mostly in the development of light sources and under development, such as from the light to fluorescent stents to all kinds of craft lighting, etc. Commercial lighting light source is developed on the basis of incandescent lamp, such as halogen lamp, metal halide lamp and so on, the lamps and lanterns is mainly concentrated and floodlight, signs, advertising, characteristic and background lighting window are in constant according to the development demand arises at the historic moment. Industrial lighting light source is the gas discharge lamp, fluorescent lamp is given priority to, combined with other lamps and lanterns lighting, such as waterproof, explosion-proof, dust-proof request to customize, but industrial lighting is need to be careful, especially on choose the light source and lamps and lanterns are exquisite, color, such as clothing fabrics produced by the effect under the different light source is not the same, are considered in the choice of lamps and lanterns reflective, intensity of illumination, maintenance factor, etc. , and at present most of the domestic enterprises or not too seriously, only in some foreign investment enterprises may make a comparison. Lighting appliance industry as a daily consumables, as China's economic and social progress, fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamps, LED the emergence of new light source, such as the evolution of lighting lamps and lanterns have taken place. All toward more energy saving, green and environmental protection point of view. Light source of abundant and multiple choice, also make the lighting lamps and lanterns industry launched a new page. With the speeding up of China's urbanization process, the city square, traffic road, newly built community, home decor, mall and office building, all need to lamps and lanterns lighting decoration, urban construction will continue to increase demand for lighting lighting products. Road lighting and landscape lighting lamps and lanterns chooses is not the same, don't assume that just lighting, road lighting can not blindly pursue beautiful and ignore safe sex, intensity of illumination and through fog and landscape lighting lamps and lanterns and light source will give full consideration to the choice of energy saving and beautiful, because do not need such a high intensity of illumination of landscape lighting, just build a lighting features.
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