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The electric fireplace electricity fate - — To survive in the cracks

by:Longjian     2020-10-22
Ma in 2000 to create China's first Internet e-commerce sites, e-commerce this pattern is known. In recent years the development of electronic commerce is in the ear of force the Internet market, and with the traditional sales form two tigers the opposite situation. In the market battle, fireplace such special product for those routes, and also successfully into electricity, become a part of many home appliances products. In fact the fireplace in domestic is not a long time, which is nearly 20 years, a short time, development is quite rapid. With the international famous brand of fireplace from Ireland price for statins. Founded in 1973, Christine price inroads into the Chinese market in 2002, and in 2008 with the guangdong electronic technology co. , LTD formally established strategic partnership; It as the only manufacturer in China. For offline market performance is quite wrong Christine price, complying with the requirements of market expansion, taking network electric dealer market, apparently, is urgent. From to you a beginning, dean price is electric fireplace in the vanguard of the industry, after three years, has made them champions of a free product industry. But even so, the objective, strives for the survival or in the margins of society. Fireplace is between heating and decorative products, no air conditioning and effective heating function, simply used to decorate it a bit waste, is a kind of noble XiangShouXing consumer goods. Buy a is a noble products from the Internet itself is a risky thing, coupled with the new product awareness is not enough for domestic electric fireplace, gave its romantic, temperament and noble features not the concept. All these factors become electric fireplace in the electricity business is struggling to walk, but even so, there is some brand insisting on business sales, and gradually won high praise. Such as electric fireplace, as a major sales electric fireplace in the core of electric commercial businesses, the brand has successfully been Tmall collected to its brand goods. Visible electric fireplace electric dealer market the cracks are also gradually opened, the future electric fireplace in the import of electrical business will develop in China, and the attitudes, wait and see.
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