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The electric fireplace 10 big advantage

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
What are the advantages of the fireplace, electricity? 1. Decorative advantages: electric fireplace and design have unlimited tolerance rate. Almost certainly, it as a design element in any space, can create a fashion visual focus. 2. Save a space: compared with the traditional fireplaces, electric fireplaces can really save a space. Wall-mounted electric fireplace and independent type electric fireplace only need 6 to 10 inches of placeholder. Not the mouth of the cave, vents and tedious installation rigid demand. If you live in a apartment building, or the rent, electric fireplace is probably your add comfortable atmosphere and the only feasible choice for living space. 3. Installation has great flexibility. Electric fireplace with various sizes and shapes, but with corner TV rack, media center, mantel or combinations of the furniture such as bookcases. Independent of different sizes, shapes and colors that they can matching with traditional or modern architectural style, the more modern than many or fireplace. 4. The huge benefits of electric fireplace is their life can be much longer than other types of fireplace. Because it does not produce actual combustion flame burnable fuel. This means that the etchant degradation and corrosion of parts is not exist. 5. Installation of electric fireplace is usually very easy, in fact, even if a person can also smooth the installation is complete. Wall-mounted electric fireplace like hanging large mirrors is easy to install. 6. If you often move, whether it's apartment, apartment or house, you can carry electric fireplace, they are portable. This portability factor also means they can at any time from one space to another space. Most of the equipment are equipped with remote control, but you may need to check the function on the remote control. Some of them are simple switch, the other is the control button in imitation of a flame from low to high. 7. Even in summer, you can also view and admire the beautiful flame, most electric fireplace can choose to not use flame effect under the condition of heating element. 8. Electric fireplace can directly provide the heat for the space, will not damage by chimney or special ventilation. You can more directly control the heat output. Using electric fireplace, you need according to your model set the thermostat or flip heat switch. They can be used as heating area, so you can comfort at low temperatures the warm temperature of the MAX. At the same time it also can save you a lot of money. Although electric fireplace is not central heating sources in the family, but they can be more effective than a real fireplace to heat the small room. 9. In terms of safety, electric fireplace on the safety of the children and pets. No could lead to accidental injuries of exposed hot surface. Materials are usually very cool, besides may heat cooling outlets. Another huge advantage is that they will not discharge any harmful gas and smoke, such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. If you have any home suffer from breathing difficulties, such as asthma and bronchitis, so they will not be worse because of the electric fireplace. At the same time, because there is no creosote ( Flammable tar) Accumulation, so the possibility of fire has been reduced to nearly zero. Power conversion efficiency of 99% directly into heat ( You have to become a physicist to understand the missing 1%) 。 With 60 - Efficiency of 80% compared to the fireplace, this value can be used to describe. The epa has said: in general, burning in the fireplace is inefficient way to heat the indoor space. Fireplace for your family to provide less heat, because most of the heat out of the chimney. 10. Electric fireplace is cheaper than the fireplace or fireplace, both the installation cost and operation cost. Users often choose electric fireplace, is valued for its low cost, high efficiency and practicality as a whole. They provide a surprisingly positive reasons to consider a lot. Does not start with the user, more than 95% of electric fireplace flame are not satisfied, can real burning and how important is it for you? But, thank god, in the past few years, the technology has greatly improved.
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