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The effect of gas fireplace to keep warm, ok

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
Gas fireplace, is burning natural gas, liquefied gas fireplace, also belong to the fireplace, calorific value is general in June. 9 ~ 11. About 7 kw, thermal efficiency is 72% 82%, the heating area is in commonly 70 ~ 120 square metre, heating effect is very good. In addition, the gas fireplace also has flexible heating cycle, the heating temperature can be adjusted, etc, specific as follows: 1, simple to use the remote controller will automatically control the fireplace switch, computer automatic thermostat a different dates, different times at room temperature, can also be manually controlled, no complex modulation procedures. 2, easy installation, gas fireplace can be arbitrary loading in the selected location, before and after the building is decorated, high-rise buildings, building villas are applicable. Don't need the extra chimney, only in the side walls cut a hole about 20 cm, like smoke lampblack machine duct discharge smoke. 3 very energy saving, environmental protection and energy saving gas fireplace, gas consumption is around zero. 5 - 0. After 9 m/h. At the same time their thermal efficiency is higher, around 72% About 82%, due to the heat will not escape from the chimney or be uselessly inhaled into the furnace, gas fireplace can more effectively convert fuel into heat radiation and convection. In addition, almost no embers and smoke gas fireplace, very clean environmental protection. 4, security and stability of most gas fireplace will be equipped with gas detection instruments, the safe alternate sensors can detect whether there is a gas leak, once the gas leak, would immediately trigger the device, cut off the fuel supply, make the stop working. The above is the gas fireplace heating effects and advantages. More information welcome consulting fireplace!
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