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The difference between standing type and embedded fireplace

by:Longjian     2020-10-22
Do the fireplace has been for some time, and constantly have customers put forward this kind of question, home decoration is considering the fireplace, but hesitated, don't know what to pack standing fireplace suits or construction punch and then buy a fireplace core comparison is in order. Here is a solution: this problem do standing fireplace around the biggest advantage for the furnace can provide radiant heat and use fan to assist convective heat conduction. Standing type burner device, usually is the most easy to install, as long as it can connect the flue can be installed in the room anywhere. The most suitable for has decorated room. Convenience and simplicity is the biggest characteristic of standing fireplace. Embedded fireplace is a very attractive installation, hole brick stone into the furnace can be promoted as an effective source of heat, and with high burning effect. All embedded fireplace is always the center of the room, you can provide efficient heat and gas true fire fireplace leaping flames. Because of the need to have the flue, so need to have a more detailed plan on installation. Have the time or room decorate haven't finalize the customer can choose this type. Now, of course, many families due to factors such as convenient and safe, more will consider installing electric fireplace heater of this kind of new type, electric fireplace is relatively traditional true fire fireplace, adornment sex is stronger, is relatively suitable for urban high-rise building heating.
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