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The difference between LED desk lamp and energy-saving lamp

by:Longjian     2020-10-17
LED lamps with energy-saving lamps in addition to the different luminous principle, in environmental protection and energy saving, service life, and has the extremely significant difference in degree of stability. Compared to energy-saving light, LED more energy efficient. LED energy is twenty-five percent of the energy-saving lamps. This is because the ordinary energy-saving lamps still part consumption of electrical energy into heat energy, while LED lamps do not have this problem. LED lamp, long service life, the quality of qualified LED bulb service life can reach ten thousand to twenty thousand hours, and the same energy-saving lamps, its service life is between six thousand to ten thousand hours. The LED lamp is more environmentally friendly. Mercury is one of the indispensable luminescence materials for energy-saving lamps, as use time grew, energy-saving lamp sealing will appear crack, the mercury will evaporate to air, the air pollution. Has not this aspect of the LED desk lamp, the use of safe environmental protection. LED desk lamp on the seismic performance of lightning protection than energy-saving light bulbs. Voltage instability caused by the continuous switch will be far less impact on the LED lamp bulbs. And energy-saving lamps if frequent switch, life will be greatly reduced. Now a major cause of the LED promotion block is too expensive, for ordinary users, service life, energy conservation, environmental protection, the performance, after all, cannot be directly observed can be intuitive feel only the price. But to comprehensively consider the advantages of the LED lights, it when installation fee is also acceptable, after all have a long service life, and stable not easy bad, in the long run, than buy energy-saving lamps. Energy-saving lamps really saving energy? 1. Good long-term considerations must be LED, although the price is high, but long service life, power saving, and environmental protection, long term compared to the ordinary energy-saving lamps province, under the condition of equal brightness LED lamp power is only 1/3 of the ordinary energy-saving lamps. About life equal to 5 times the ordinary lamp. 2. LED bulbs and ordinary energy-saving light which is better, look from which perspective, LED energy-saving lamps more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly service life is long, but the price is higher, average household is more difficult to accept 3. At present commonly used are common energy-saving lamps. LED lamp is a developing trend, but the market is not mature. In comparison, the ordinary energy-saving lamps produce more pollution than the LED. LED lamp, longer service life. 4. LED lamps, high-grade, durable, beautiful, super energy saving, environmental protection from radiation capability contrast both lamps and lanterns, the LED desk lamp is worse than ordinary energy-saving lamps, LED lamp, heat dissipation is not very good, the heat dissipation of the ordinary energy-saving lamps are really good, this is the LED lamps and lanterns of shortcomings, but manufacturers are now overcome the defects, LED, are under way to development of radiator.
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