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The choose and buy of household wall lamp skill, you put it? __ zhongshan lamp act the role ofing

by:Longjian     2020-09-23
The choose and buy of household wall lamp skill, you put it? Wall lamp is installed on the interior walls of auxiliary decorative lighting lamps and lanterns, light quietly elegant and harmonious, can adorn the environment elegant, richly. And wall lamp role in the modern family is not just the lighting that simple, are an elegant chic wall lamp to the adornment effect of the bedroom, is no less a work of art, can kill two birds with one stone location on your home life, let household look brand-new. A, how to choose the suitable household wall lamp? 1. Choose wall lamp shape and material of the wall lamp is a important role in decoration, when choosing wall lamp pay attention to the choice of wall lamp modelling, can adapt to environment, and household in order to achieve the ideal effect. The material relationship with the usage of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns and beautiful, at the time of purchase wall lamp, must first have a look at the quality of itself of lamps and lanterns. Chinese wall lamp, generally have acrylic masks and cloth lampshade lampshade. Choosing lampshade mainly to see whether the transmission of light, and the design and color of the surface should correspond with the integral style of the bedroom. 2. Must choose the appropriate wall lamp light and the specifications as a special lamps and lanterns, the light source has its special requirements and specifications. Because wall lamp is a kind of auxiliary illuminant, requirements must be soft light, light can't is too large, the wall lamp wattage may have more than 100 w. Should also be suitable for wall lamp specification, for a small room can be installed only head wall lamp, general room can choose double wall lamp. 3. Choose the bracket light need to pay attention to the safety of any it the choice of lamps and lanterns to comply with the safety requirements. Because the position of the wall lamp is near the wall, and some may be flammable metope adornment material, so when choosing wall lamp should choose bulbs away from the wall or wall lamp with a hood insulation protection. Second, different room about how to choose wall lamp? 1. Restaurant of wall lamp shade appropriate USES appearance bright and clean the glass or acrylic, so that scrub at any time, rather than by weaving, yarn, fabric chimney or modelling is multifarious, pendant lamp shade. Light source, appropriate USES warm color is given priority to, if on the wall near the appropriate configuration with warm color wall lamp, can make a fete guest more warm atmosphere, and can increase appetite. 2. The wall of the bedroom bedroom light is given priority to with soft, warm color to move. Available wall lamp, floor lamp to replace the interior of the central dome light, wall lamp appropriate USES low surface brightness of diffuse materials chimney, head of a bed at the top of the wall, packed in a wooden wall lamp, of Chinese style lasting appeal with of primitive simplicity, elegance, deep and lasting appeal. Bedside table available lash desk lamp, if it is a double bed, also can be in on each side of the bed, a lamp that match the lamps and lanterns raised optical switch, so that one of them to read the time another man is not affected by the interference of light. Three, how to install wall lamp 1. The bedroom wall lamp height in order to create an atmosphere of harmony of the bedroom, we usually choose bedroom wall lamp height from the ground 1. 4 - 1. 7 meters, the height of the projection light intensity will not too bright, downy light, coupled with the use of warm color is very suitable for people to relax home from work. 2. Corridor to the height of the wall lamp projects from wall lamp lighting area, better control the height is 2. 2 - 2. 6 meters. Wall lamp, as we all know, the height of the different directly affect the projected area of the wall lamp, corridor wall a little higher, natural its projected area is more widely, from the perspective of family, the position of the height of the wall lamp indirectly is a kind of economical and practical method. 3. The height of the sitting room wall lamp of the sitting room wall height is usually selected from the ground 1. More than 8 position, and users in the process of choose lamps and lanterns, more is to consider the adornment effect of wall lamp, sitting room wall relative to the other wall lamp will be more atmosphere and dignified.
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