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The choice of lamps and lanterns and tie-in skill to master, to avoid wasting money

by:Longjian     2020-09-26
The choice of lamps and lanterns and tie-in skill to master, to avoid wasting money for home lighting lighting lamps and lanterns at the same time, also to beautify the home environment. And the selection and collocation of lamps and lanterns also has certain requirements, in addition to see when the choose and buy modelling, more important is its scientific lighting, lamps and lanterns and home decorate a style to match. In the face of all sorts of lamps and lanterns on the market, the average consumer how to choose? Below and the 'lamp' take a look at these techniques for the selection and collocation of lamps and lanterns. A, should agree the current household style lamps and lanterns is absorb dome light, droplight and desk lamp type lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns, and portable. Before buying lamps and lanterns, must first understand the home decorate a style suitable for what kind of lamps and lanterns. The colour of lamps and lanterns, modelling, style, must be commensurate with the style of interior decoration and furniture, lamps and lanterns of flashy rather than the icing on the cake, it would be to gild the lily. 2 certificate, lamps and lanterns is the most expensive is not necessarily very good, but it's too cheap must be bad. A lot of cheap lamp quality closes nevertheless, often hidden dangers, consequence is unimaginable. So I want to check the identity of lamps and lanterns, look at the information is complete, the product model, lamps and lanterns, frequency, voltage, the name of the manufacturer and 3 c information such as the anti-counterfeiting mark, to lamps and lanterns is qualified. Three, the lamps and lanterns of choose different space choice space is not the same, if choose the wrong lamp, may also bring harm to your eyesight. Study: the study selects the lamp should be based on principles of bright, soft, ordinary light bulb compared with natural light red color, can make the resolving power of the eye drops; Fluorescent light is white, but due to its easy appear stroboscopic, brightness can constantly change, so in the study the most appropriate use of brightness stability the lamp that shield an eye. Bedroom: to avoid a dazzling light and dazzling modelling of lamps and lanterns, in order to create a warm atmosphere, give a person with quiet, leisurely and comfortable feeling. Necessary to match several lamp, absorb dome light, desk lamp, floor lamp, bedside lamp, etc. , can be adjusted freely, mixed use, several switch control respectively, convenient and can meet different needs. Sitting room: a generous bright lights or absorb dome light as the main light, the lamps and lanterns collocation a variety of other auxiliary, such as wall lamp, canister light, shoot the light, etc. And dining-room, kitchen, toilet can choose according to different needs. Four, too bright lights don't long lighting products though the smaller part of the building is decorated, but is indispensable. Light of science, can protect your eyes. Restaurant with droplight, for example, is a lamp to energy-intensive and should be eliminated, the glare of light, at home to use this kind of light source, much to the person's eyes are hurt. Bathroom lens headlight, with much more lens headlight can cause light pollution, also be harm to a person's eyesight. In addition, the colorful light easy to disperse energy, light is not very big, also to the person's eyesight is hurt. Five lights to bargain is not good, cheap quality closes nevertheless, too cheap lamps not only may be a hidden danger of fire, it will cause light pollution in you imperceptibly. But this is not to say that consumers will also according to the price of businesses to determine the quality of lamps and lanterns, now the price of lamps and lanterns is bargaining space, frighten consumers not to be expensive.
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