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The chimney is too ugly? Seven kinds of international leading collocation method, take not at all

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
For decades, with more and have the product of modern science and technology - — With metal or metal fireplace plug-in HunGeJin material double chimney, give building designers free play, powerful and unconstrained style of degrees of freedom is infinite curve was a rise, the two products fundamentally changed the way architects fireplace chimneys, they found that the chimney can be light, thin and bright, is no longer with the overall architectural style is not coordination and weird rendering type external components together, but can take a virtuoso, for as the new favorite outdoor visual focus. New material of metal fireplace flue in collocation area of toughened glass walls show visual design elements, is incomparable. All and all this improvement is the emergence of the fireplace double chimney structure. Double not only from the bottom to the top has a chimney internal steel flue, at the same time also has an external steel lining, reasonable space between both. The shell - flue Both decorative metal shell and wood box - and dry wall Had nothing to do with the actual function of the flue, architects and designers to make more freedom over how to deal with the visible part of the fireplace, and really save endangered human aesthetic of the Gospel. Therefore, when you build newly built or rebuilt, please careful consideration from the following several instances, the following is the use of several methods of design means to beautify the fireplace chimneys visible part. Clever use of light, and create visual illusion. Through the fireplace placed around the window, And there he put the metal stack) , almost no block coverings of light and vision, so keep more open and bright space inside. Fireplace is floating on the wall, instead of being chained heavy masonry chimney, fixed in a dark corner. Large area USES glass walls. Thanks to the progress of modern civil engineering technology, glass walls and be capable of supporting the whole building design, metal chimney with tie-in effect is obvious, two with the same flash properties of elements, in the architectural appearance faces, making the blend as a whole, at the same time, the glass itself transparent with no color due to natural factors, absorption in the sun, affect the internal space brightness, better. Make a chimney through the roof, do not take up other outer space. Metal fireplace flue in vertical direction, can be used through the roof in a way that lay, on the one hand, the roof overhang technique for construction of the whole image of the small, on the other hand, as long as the reserve the proper clearance around the chimney with roof, can be simple and fast installation. Avoid influence architecture features that are characteristic of. Flue can be bent and rewiring to avoid building features, such as hanging. The only best in the same building, architectural features, we want to show their own home rather than their own chimney, so in the two together, to distinguish between primary and secondary relations, avoid putting the cart before the horse. The chimney into the interior. Some types of chimney is not only suitable for external application is also suitable for interior decoration. Metallic chimney is double sided fireplace ideal design elements, they help keep the indoor space more open, emphasize the connectivity is more obvious. Will be part of the chimney stays in indoor, can have a bright and spacious and completely closed space, for private property, high requirement of illicit close sex of the door, is a good choice. In collocation with fireplace, we can use any style metal chimneys. Although more often associated with modern aesthetic choices, but the chimney flue can be used in metal material need to be more open and full of light in any room space. Depending on the fireplace type. Many new prefabricated metal fire box don't even need to chimney. Only the fireplace in the combustion state, exudes the smoke up and is produced. If only has a direct vent or without exhaust fireplace is even the chimney can be omitted.
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