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The charm of the fireplace, exalted, warmth, affection, your lifetime partner!

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
'Wall furnace' fireplace explained the latest partner, look at 'group', a man a fire, 'fire' is 'companion'. People have the fire, and there is a companion. A 'group' that person forever inseparable from the fire! Then look at 'companion', fire is half of the people, so the fire is one of partner! Further, fireplace, is a person, the state of a fire! People have fire, have thought, have the wisdom and soul! A person, a fire, a person watching a fire fireplace rolling fireworks or stunned or meditation a person, a fire a glass of red wine, a drink, or outlet, or wanted to belong to a person, a fire a old chair 'ge' or a nap or torpor _____________________________________________________________________________________________ two people, a fire, a fire of a book, I smile at you quietly reading a book when the fire is two people, a fire a guitar, two cups of refreshing tea talk about astronomy, theory of geography to stare at the fire, relate to each other _______________________________________________________________________________________ family, a fire a family, a fire around the fireplace, small talk old enlightenment turned 30 about career life theory of peach in the years of marriage hanging bun know academic fireplace, also known as: stove, is a heap of warm fire. There is no place better than fire. So,, forever inseparable from the fire.
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