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The benefits of art lamp manufacturers parsing lamp

by:Longjian     2020-09-10
Art lamp, is no longer a single lighting at night, but reveal the city vitality, fashion, cultural elements. From the inside of the light, can reflect the city's past and present. From the dozens of lamp to today's more than 20000 at the beginning of the lamp, from modelling single incandescent lamp, mercury lamp, to all sorts of modelling of high pressure sodium lamp, art lamp lights such as the change reflects the village of yangzhou urban and rural construction development footprint. Village street light as the composition of the local rural infrastructure, rural traffic, public security, peace occupies the important position in people's life and the city style, play an irreplaceable role, according to the country strength and maturity. Art lamp has become an integral part of the modern landscape, it is not only itself has the high view and admire a gender, also stressed that art lamp of history and culture, landscape and scenic spot's environment harmonious and unified. Art lamp using the light of the different shape, different color and brightness to landscape. Lanterns plastic arts such as red light lamp bring a festive atmosphere for the square, green coconut lamp pool in stand out of the school of tropical amorous feelings. Make the night more attractive city. LED lamps and lanterns of the cooling system design art lamp factory is directly related to the stand or fall of the brand of 'energy saving 80% of photosynthetic efficiency' and '50000 h' long life, this is art lamp by the media giant popularize the use of the premise of the drum hype. However, from a variety of publicity 'promising' lamp on the product form of art as you can see, the street lamp cover to increase the cooling area, the pursuit of good heat dissipation effect without exception is made into the shape of hedgehog! Just think, in the outdoor environment of urban road hedgehog shaped fin will soon be growing pollution of dust in the air, the branches and leaves in the dross filled with smoke, like wrapped in a quilt, only the appearance of smooth contracted type lamps and lanterns, self-cleaning function of rain to be effective. Art has strict in road lighting lamp lighting, LED light source is made into module structure, namely the small unit by the integration of 56 w, according to the need can be combined into a 112 w, 168 w, 214 w, etc. , this determines the art lamp modelling can be rectangular or square postage stamp flat structure, with the road outside in addition to there are functional basic need of lighting lamps and lanterns, the requirement of itself or as a landscape element is run counter to! In urban road lighting project bidding, street lamp selection, in many cases like government leaders choose to ride, so limousines just traffic tools, not only the symbol of status, power! They will also be very value the outward appearance modelling of lamps and lanterns, hope its contracted, fashion, have 'sexy' industrialization of streamlined appearance, on modelling art lamp in this respect it is restricted by a number of modelling design. At the same time, art lamp die casting shell much heavier than the conventional street lamps, the cost is higher than many, windproof seismic risk bigger to the design of light pole structure are also put forward higher requirements.
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