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The bedroom and sitting room, should choose droplight or shoot the light?

by:Longjian     2020-10-02
The bedroom and sitting room, should choose droplight or shoot the light? Now decorate not only pay attention to the overall structure design of the room, the choice of lamps and lanterns is particularly important, droplight, absorb dome light, fashion warm canister light, personality, shoot the light, the bedroom and sitting room should be what kind of lamp decoration? Many people will there be an error in choosing lamps and lanterns, the sitting room to TV setting wall decoration lighting will be loaded on to shoot the light, the bedroom in order to create a certain atmosphere or more beautiful, also can choose the droplight with unique style, the choice of these seemingly ordinary, actually has the certain irrationality. Bedroom install droplight is a common phenomenon, the bedroom with a luxuriant droplight is right, but install droplight and at the same time you must pay attention to the chandelier is affected the feng shui bedroom. The stand or fall of feng shui bedroom has a very big impact to the family, after all, we have a third of the time spent in the bedroom every day, has affected the feng shui, or affect the fortunes, or affect the body health. So in order to avoid the influence of feng shui, the droplight should not be too sharp edges and corners of the bedroom, at the same time the location of the chandelier is very important also, droplight if installed in the upper part of the bed, it is easy to affect family sleep patterns, sleep quality deficiencies related to mental state of family members, so it is important to note when install droplight droplight, in stand by the position of the bed to choose a more rounded droplight does not affect the feng shui of the bedroom. Since the droplight with bedroom can easily affect feng shui choose wrong, why not choose a contracted and fashionable dome light? Now the shape of a dome light is not constrained by the simplest square round, had more changes, style color is also more volatile, joint different decorate a style. When buying absorb dome light, only need to pay attention to the size of the dome light should undertake choosing according to the size of the bedroom. Adornment picture, a former TV setting wall is usually shoot the lamp to be installed at most places, special lighting can have emphasis effect, highlight the administrative levels feeling of the space, so the effect of light seems to be very strong, but after installed the lamp will find its role is much less than the expected effect. Due to shoot the lamp to emphasize function used in the home is not much, in addition to shoot the light is often installed in the corner position, such as local lighting effect, integral illume function is not strong, also caused the lamp using the phenomenon of low frequency. Compared to shoot the light is not much, use frequency canister light effect becomes more prominent in everyday life, canister light embedded in the ceiling or the ceiling, ensure consistency with the room beautiful sex, do not appear abrupt, down lamp light is downy and bright, better make the lighting effect of the canister light, build sweet atmosphere. Around the type of tube lamp can ensure the overall room lighting, and tube light compared to the big droplight of the sitting room also will be more energy efficient. Shoot while the frequency of use in the sitting room is not much, but to shoot the light in the household lighting effects are more than that, in the bathroom wash gargle before installing a few small shoot the light, wash, toilet is convenient many. In the porch often have more decoration and other decorative furniture put, lamp of local lighting effect is more important at this time. And in the local lighting can also choose to floor lamp of the sitting room, bedroom wall lamp also is commonly used local lighting lamps and lanterns.
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