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The atmosphere of the modern lights in the family

by:Longjian     2020-09-06
Created by the modern lamp is one additional light atmosphere, it is not only a lamp, it more decorations in contemporary adornment is indispensable, the modern lamp modelling is diverse, and numerous design, choose to suit your art to decorate a style to eat light, let your whole and indoor rise to make the finishing point. Art carefully selected from you. The modern lamp that is beautiful and practical, added art for your entire interior, is also a very important part of domestic clothing, which is why more and more people consider dining-room lamp selection. 。 Light-emitting diodes (leds) refers to the leds. Than at any time, after years of development, modern lamp prices have returned to the consumer market. But have to say, the Nordic modern lamp still much more expensive than ordinary energy-saving lamps, however, the service life of modern lamp is much longer, and energy-saving lamps can be used 100000 hours, 100 times more than ordinary light bulbs. Nordic energy used in the modern lamps and lanterns is only one over ten of the energy saving lamps and lanterns. Because the modern lamps and lanterns has so many advantages, so although the price is very high, but it is still very popular. What are the main factors affecting the modern lighting decline? 吗? First of all, we should choose what kind of the modern lamp bead. This is very important to the modern lamp bead quality can be a very important factor. 。 For example, the same white light LED, represented by crystal element 14 ml of white light section of the chip, the common epoxy resin as base gum, Bai Guangjiao and packaging adhesive, light up in 30 degrees, after 1000 hours, 70% of the loss of light attenuation data. In the same aging conditions, if with low grade D decyl rubber seal, per thousand hours of photodegradation rate was 45%. If the C class low failure plastic package, in the same aging conditions, 1000 hours of light failure is 12%; If the class B low failure plastic package, in the same aging conditions, light failure for - 1000 hours 3%; If class A low failure rubber bag, in the same aging conditions, light failure for - 1000 hours 6%. 。 The modern lights Nordic modern lights to LE D light source standard is what? We should consider when choosing the LED light source a few questions first, energy saving, Save money) Second, a long life. Third, environmental protection, very suitable for the role of household lights, and no harm to people. And so on. What kind of the modern lamp bead for the modern lamp? 吗? After our thorough investigation, we found that only the modern lamp bead is more suitable for, since 2835 the modern light bead is the LED industry has a stable comprehensive performance of the modern lamp bead, light inside 3 years failure can be effectively controlled within 30%. If you choose warm white ( 3100 k - 3300K) The color of the light, very suitable for household lighting.
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