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The artistic lamp brand of shallow definition, characteristics and standards

by:Longjian     2020-10-23
Not only rely on basic insulation protection against electric shock, but also includes additional security measures, namely the accessible conductive parts connected to the protective earthing conductor in the fixed line, make the palpable conductive parts in one thousand basic insulation failure is not charged. 1, the definition of art lamp brand: not only rely on basic insulation protection against electric shock, and has the additional security measures, such as double insulation or reinforced insulation, but there is no protection grounding or depend on the installation conditions. 2, art lamp brand characteristics and requirements: ( 1) The lamps and lanterns can be one of the following form: ( a) Has a durable and solid insulation material made of complete shell lamps and lanterns, it cover the all metal parts, in addition to the small parts such as plate, screw and rivet completely isolated from live parts with insulation materials, insulation at least equivalent to reinforced insulation. The lamps and lanterns is called insulation shell type art lamp brand. ( b) Lamps and lanterns with strong full metal jacket, its internal all adopt the double insulation, in addition to those using double insulation apparently no components using reinforced insulation. Such art lamp brand called metal shell type lamp. ( c) With the above a) A and b) The combination of types of lamps and lanterns. ( 2) Insulation shell type n kind of lamps and lanterns of the shell can be added a part or the whole of the insulation or reinforced insulation. ( 3) If the ground is to help start, rather than receiving accessible metal parts directly, the lamps and lanterns is still considered Ⅱ type lamps and lanterns. Light art lamp shell and light starting with is not seen as accessible metal parts, but determined by way of appendix A test for the live parts.
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