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The americans are to use the fireplace?

by:Longjian     2020-10-22
Early people in the center of the cabin or house to dig a shallow pit in the wood fire to keep warm. The smoke of burning out of holes in the roof. Thousands of years, with the emergence of two layers of buildings, people will be the fireplace ( The fireplace) Moved to the outside of the building. Fireplace is horizontal at this moment, so often will smoke outside, or drifting in. Later, the use of chimney smoke to the outside of the residence, solved the problem. In 1578, Prince Ruppert, the nephew of Charles I, set up improved air and discharge system stove chimney of the fireplace. In the 18th century when the fireplace has two important development. BenFranklin build a convection chamber, greatly improved and wood-burning fireplace room ( 木火炉) The efficiency. Moreover, he in the fire below for a free space ( 地下室) Inhaled air to cause an airflow from down to up, that will waste gas is relatively high. In the late 18th century, the Count Rumford design a high and shallow combustion chamber, make it have better exhaust effect, can will emission up to guide and to outside. Rumford design is the foundation of modern fireplace. In North America and Europe, in a cold place in climate, fireplace has always been the main characteristic of a family, because it gives people a warm, and be able to through the long winter. Bake for warmth, and jumping and flashing flame, even today, still let a person feel in cold weather. Therefore, the whole family gathered around the fireplace to chat. After, before you go to sleep at night, there is usually a family gathering place. A famous example of using the custom is, in the United States during the great depression, franklin & middot; Delano & middot; President Roosevelt fireside chats, he took advantage of this period of time, a week in a radio address his views on important issues in the country. Mantel ( mantels) Is the focus of the interior decoration. Traditionally, the mantelpiece to architects/designers to provide a unique opportunity to build personal characteristics in the room. Historically, mantel as interior decoration ( interior decor) The architectural style.
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