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The American outdoor fireplace has gradually become popular culture

by:Longjian     2020-10-21
White in winter, the family sit around the fireplace in the outside, is really a romantic thing, I have friends in the backyard garden party, the night of the fire participants will not be disappointed. Deep orange flames through the furnace eye, in the light of very short bench with a circle. Invited to friends will naturally sit around the fire, friendly conversation with each other, this kind of life can make you feel as if in a picture. 'outdoor fireplace to you can accept the price to become the popular elements of mass increase repair garden scenery, outdoor fireplace for the masses provides a low cost of construction and low maintenance cost, some architects called pool is the poor man's garden. When people began to repair budget cuts, will choose to use outdoor fireplace to show the charm of living space, especially when cool at night. Outdoor fireplace belongs to the American mass culture, because 'fire' itself has an inherent public attribute, the fire is the outdoor fireplace is popular the most basic element, outdoor fireplace is an intrinsic mass, such as swimming pools and water dispenser element isn't very popular, because people never around water conversation and communication.
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