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The American lamps and lanterns, you're worth it __ zhongshan lamp

by:Longjian     2020-09-17
The American lamps and lanterns, you deserve the American pay attention to the classic feelings of lamps and lanterns, contracted appearance generous, pay attention to the leisure and comfort, temperament is meaningful. Diverse styles, can be divided into classical American country, American, American contracted. Material generally choose more exquisite copper, iron, resin, crystal, glass, shell, etc. , copper lamp is generally made by pure manual craft, wrought iron is relatively machinery, mainly lathe processing, detail processing is more accurate. American style is free, free and easy, because the us itself is immigration country, so it brings together a number of national, American style also combines the characteristics of these ethnic groups, the overall inherits the European style of romantic, but also with the nation's unruly. Lamps and lanterns is tan more, using solid wood or metal, there is a feeling of restoring ancient ways, more popular with girls. Typically American from the material of lamps and lanterns is divided into three kinds of wrought iron, copper, resin, lamp type more, shell, glass, crystal, ceramic, etc. , segmentation is more from the style, such as the American village, American classical, modern American, American contracted, etc. American general droplight is given priority to with wrought iron, craft pure handmade, the main line of industrial solder, solder is good or bad depends on the lamp of whole process quality. And American lamp, wrought iron lamp relatively mechanization in the process, main is to rely on lathe processing machinery, precision lathe processing out details, of course, is not too picky, it is better than soldering lamp, due to the lathe processing requirement for material is higher. Relatively material multiple variety, such as floor lamp and desk lamp in desk lamp for example, popular shell lamp, the market now is natural shell, which is close to nature and American style photograph echo. American lamp mainly has the following features: 1. Concise modeling simple and easy, more able to bear or endure look, commonly used lamps and lanterns is especially pendant, wrought iron structure framework, to satisfy concise style to detail processing lathe processing way of high demand, in order to highlight the characteristics of material itself, the framework itself will also be processed into a kind of decoration. 2. Practical aesthetics its practicality and aesthetics together, light gentle bedroom also added to the family environment of a free country. 3. Climate for most American lamps and lanterns is touching, sweet, natural romantic and free. Americans yearning freedom country style fashion, this is the real American style household design essence, so the color of the lamp shade using is rice white, pale yellow light color fastens, linen, etc. Guangzhou lighting for you introduced American the material characteristics and the introduction of American style of lamps and lanterns, you understand? American characteristics of lamps and lanterns is to restore ancient ways, modesty, a bit of palace style, generally girls will be like the luxuriant style, American style also is divided into traditional American style inside, small rural American style and American style, small American style is not so gorgeous exaggerated, all family can use.
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