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The advantages of the working principle of electric fireplaces, electric fireplaces

by:Longjian     2020-08-20
Electric fireplace for most families are not familiar with, as a new type of heating tool, electric fireplace also gradually into the family. Electric fireplace is how work? What are the advantages of electric fireplace? Let electric fireplace manufacturer to answer them.
the working principle of electric fireplace:
as a dedicated heating equipment, fireplace along with the development of The Times, new changes have taken place. In form, from the traditional wood burning fireplace, fireplace gas fireplace, charcoal fire fireplace, derive a new category of electric fireplace. Electric fireplace in combination with European classical fireplace production technology and modern sound, light, fireplace in the design of the traditional great change, in do not break elegance has produced green environmental protection and more main strong real wood burning effect. Electric fireplace for heating wire heating element, the use of a built-in cooling will block the heat generated by the heating wire.

the advantages of electric fireplace:
1, the ornamental good. Electric fireplace style diversity, can satisfy all kinds of decorate a style to match. Flame real degree is high, changes in the nature, full of dynamic, enjoy incomparable romantic warmth to the person.
2, natural health. Electric fireplace heating is the most close to the natural way of heating. No electromagnetic, no radiation, do not dry, comfortable, healthy, as will the warmth of the sun into the bedroom.
3, cost-effective. Electric fireplace heating costs only about a third of the energy consumption, air conditioning heating energy consumption while the initial purchase cost is high, but later use cost is low.
4, good environmental protection. Electric fireplace use charcoal or gas as fuel directly, no need to translate into electrical energy, low cost, less loss, the most environmentally friendly. Compared with wood burning heating, electric fireplace will not too hard against the soot, strange smell and noise in a flame.
5, and high safety. Surface without high temperature electric fireplace, very safe for children and the elderly. Place your electric fireplace with children and the elderly room heating, under the aegis of the thermostat, can be at ease use, major security incidents will not occur.
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