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Tell you how to choose according to size of mantel furnace core

by:Longjian     2020-10-22
Recently many customers call advisory furnace core, is the home to decorate the master was ready to corresponding size of the mantelpiece, just wait for net purchase appropriate furnace core. But there is a big problem, some customers home mantel is based on factors such as put or decoration set size, go to the market on the selection of furnace core is very passive, it is difficult to find a suitable size, some furnace frame size was very unusual. In the face of these situations, the editor in the introduction of several common mantel and furnace core match size: 1, fireplaces, core size: 750 * 215 * 625 ( mm) Tie-in furnace frame hole size: 710 * 280 * 610 ( mm) This kind of furnace is relatively common, frame the size of holes on the market is also good to find suitable furnace core, match some FEJ - representatives of this size products 99A- 12, fireplaces, core size: 840 * 742 * 225 ( mm) Tie-in furnace frame hole size: 765 * 702 * 200 ( mm) This type of hole is moderate, is widely used at present, representative products are xu rose 33 sd3 is recommended for the fireplace, fireplace core size: 1051 * 221 * 856 ( mm) Tie-in furnace frame hole size: 1002 * 239 * 821 ( mm) This fireplace with larger area, is generally suitable for big apartment or villa, on behalf of the product have Europe type electric fireplace FEJ2011 - 18D。
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