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Tell me about the light of modern art material is made?

by:Longjian     2020-09-01
Modern art lamp is made from pieces of colored glass welding effect, first of all, basic materials: colored glass. This glass is not what we see in the glazier monochromatic common glass. These stained glass is a glass craft design and creation, according to the different colors of glass and mixing raw materials, to suppress a variety of, into a natural pattern of art glass. The important raw materials required. Some glass effect is based on the special needs of the designer to a specially made. It needs often cost is very high! With this material, the artists often according to these glass, design the modelling of lamps and lanterns, pattern, and so on. Light overall advantage is reflected in the appearance of modern art, is the trend of domestic outfit, because the light of modern art design is novel, is quite popular among consumers. At the same time, the light of modern art consumer groups more wide, there is a market there will be a modern light. 'In addition to the application in the field of domestic outfit, modern art lamp has been widely used in hotel project. Therefore, modern art lamp overall development situation is good. Modern art lamp of a main reason is that the LED chip can't stand the heat. Occasionally in a short period of time is heated over one hundred degrees, is that it doesn't matter, afraid is afraid in long-term under high temperature, is a great damage to the LED chip. The progress of the speed droop directly. Generally speaking, the average coefficient of thermal conductivity of the epoxy resin is small, therefore, when the LED chip light work, LED chip to emit heat, thermal conductivity and ordinary epoxy resin ability is limited, so, when you have LED white light from the external measure the temperature of the LED bracket has 45 degrees, white light LED chip inside the center temperature may have more than 80 degrees. Modern art lamp according to the actual size of design, create a template of glass. Again with the template according to the requirements of the designers of color, the color glass cutting into a glass with the same size as the template. If it is found that when cutting or have size error, then the glass based on template to put the spare part on the edge grinding machine grinding. Modern art lamp is widely used in the sea, romantic rose diamonds, volcanoes, set sail, lotus pond moonlight, LOVE LOVE LOVE, movement meteor tunnel, the dynamic of Mount Fuji, LOVE leaves long corridor, the author topics such as light show, the light of modern art is the perfect combination of sound and light, outlined the beauty of the stars shine, colorful.
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