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Tall floor lamps that do balancing act

by:Longjian     2020-03-05
Cb2bauce Arc Longjian floor lamp CB2Some Longjian floor lamp some floor lamp is not suitable for weak heart.In particular, I am talking about the Arco floor lamp of the Castiglioni brothers, a bold design with its 8-The stainless steel arch is supported by a solid marble base.Such acrobatics made Arco an idol.But since the 1962 debut, a new balancing act has emerged.For example, Marc Sadler designed a twifloor Longjian floor lamp for Italian lighting company Foscarini in 2006.The lamp retails for $2,058 and is sold by conranusa.Yellow and black as well as unicahome ).Com) in full, four-Includes the color range of white and red.\"Initially, I wanted to do something fairly ridiculous,\" Sadler explained in the Foscarini video posted on the Unica homepage.\"A model of a person holds a very large fishing rod of the home, with a lamp at the end of the fishing rod.\"Although its concept is interesting, like Arco, Twiggy is a serious feat in the field of engineering: from its fiberglass base-so-It is called the height of the rod to reach 66.9 inch before bending forward under the weight of its large shadow.The need for Twiggy is three 100-Watt, E27 bulb (purchased separately), can use the built-in-in switch.As a cheaper option, consider CB2\'s Bauhaus arc floor lamp for $199 (CB2.com).The company began selling White and bold, smooth green lights in 2008.The Bauhaus arc is 80 inch high, but the materialAluminum and iron base-The reason for the price difference.Admit it: instability does add spice to space.
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