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Take you enjoy lamp act the role ofing beauty

by:Longjian     2020-09-04
In this era, light the meaning of existence, in addition to light up the night, lighting a darkroom, also on the way of 'the pursuit of light' are endowed with more connotation, through constant innovation and breakthrough of thinking to improve the human survival environment better, modern art lamp brand below to see some of the introduction of the lamps and lanterns. Water droplets lamp: these droplets light are made of glass artists of recycled materials made by hand, at the same time in the shapes of water droplets light also is full of bubbles, give a person the sense with a dream. Designer wants to let a person feel like the feeling of natural light, so the design in the different shapes of water droplets will produce unique and ethereal light. A look, give a person with quiet beauty of design at the same time, if applied to restaurants, hotels and so on need to be romantic atmosphere and emotional appeal also can bring good results. Wood lamp: each lamp on combined with different wood. Wood itself in order to show the aesthetic feeling, stylist just wipe the surface with a layer of wood oil. Wood oil will increase penetration into the wood fiber, wood surface hardness and smoothness, nourish the wood at the same time, show the natural texture. It adds additional functionality to lamps and lanterns, can hang clothes, put aside the umbrella, etc. Is a droplight and desk lamp, with copper wire outline framework, white cotton paper chimney, almost have no spare parts or keep out, the light can be spilled down without reserve. Copper wire frame color is different, so there are five colours are optional. In Jane's path design, the designer to do subtraction 'one of the lost part is too thin,' but there is another proper aesthetic feeling. Leaf lamp: design design of this kind of LED lamps, simple structure, fiercely a see only a thin slice, maybe you will think of the word 'leaf of a single', yes, its name is 'Be - 叶”。 A imitation of leaves of folding bending sheet metal constitutes the main part of it, at the same time act as the lamp holder and lamp shade, painted white chimney wall also specially, match is pure and fresh and vivid. Unlike traditional droplight, Be - Leaf light bulbs on the lamp holder, the light is not a straight shot down, but reflect to the chimney, and dropped down through the chimney reflection, form more mild, natural lighting effect. Even be green nylon cord wire wrapped, lamps and lanterns of the entire appearance looks more like a leaf.
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