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Survival pressure big market, small and medium-sized enterprise to survival and development of lamps and lanterns?

by:Longjian     2020-10-16
Majority of lamps and lanterns is generally small and medium-sized enterprise in our country, but the present market competition is intense, polarization phenomenon has some serious industry development, for the lamps and lanterns of small and medium-sized enterprises, especially 'stressed out'. How small and medium-sized enterprises of lamps and lanterns should now under pressure to succeed? It must seize the transformation and upgrading, on the one hand, it is very important to enterprise's flexibility, can put most of the time devoted to innovation; On the other hand, in today's age of the Internet, small and medium-sized enterprises of lamps and lanterns is good at from, adjust enterprise development strategy, to meet difficult straight on and finally on the road to success. We tome also in unceasing development, its lamp of contemporary and contracted sitting room, dining-room lamp, floor lamp, desk lamp, absorb dome light is lighting industry's innovative products.
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