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Suitable for the modern art lamp in what place?

by:Longjian     2020-08-29
Modern art lamp, the beauty of art show off the lamp, not only to provide light for home, also is the art of decoration in the space. Lamp decoration of modern art is also an indispensable part of in domestic outfit, choose a artistic lamp, can let oneself bedroom add light color. The lamps and lanterns of different shapes, colors, style, can bring different feeling to indoor, so the rooms in the home, every corner is fit for allocation of what style of lamps and lanterns: 1, the sitting room, the sitting room is family cuhk leisure and activity space, also is an important place for family and friends together. To build sweet atmosphere, can choose the traditional dome light or chandelier lamp. The illume of the sitting room configuration will usually use of main and auxiliary illumination lighting interaction is tie-in, can adjust the brightness and window, to add indoor emotional appeal. But be sure to keep the overall style of coordinated. 2, porch: porch is enter indoor initial impression, whether its design is beautiful, right, directly affects the people to the stand or fall of the house decoration, so be careful, no natural lighting, porch should have sufficient artificial lighting, it can be installed near the place that take the door canister light, shoot the light, or wall lamp, in order to improve the condition of lighting is not good. Warm color and cool color lights all can be used in the porch. Warm color to make tender feeling, cool color more relaxed. The wall lamp with a fashionable modelling, match on the wall of the blank, is not only decoration, lighting, kill two birds with one stone. 3, restaurant, restaurant lighting and asked for the soft, peaceful, have enough brightness, and match with the tables and chairs around the tableware, constitute the visual aesthetic feeling, in order to promote family appetite. Lighting function and human taste, psychology has a subtle, so choose lamps and lanterns is very important to restaurant. In restaurant adornment, we often use hanging lamps and lanterns, to highlight the table, can use warm color droplight build warm dining atmosphere. Also set up the general lighting, make whole room has a certain brightness, give a person the sense of clean and tidy. : 4, kitchen lamps and lanterns of the kitchen light chrominance wants moderate, is better to use keep fruits and vegetables color fluorescent lamp, the particularity of the kitchen decided the lighting more practical, try not to look too fancy, from the consideration on the energy saving, do not need to put too much light, also can install intelligent switch. To facilitate the housewives washing chopping vegetables, etc. , can be used to absorb dome light or embedded in a tub of lamps and lanterns, in order to provide sufficient light, need special lighting also can install wall lamp or track light. Toilet: domestic toilet need to illuminate the downy light will foil clean frank atmosphere, the use of the light frequency is higher, the appropriate on general whole chooses to absorb dome light. The integral lamplight of toilet need not too enough, as long as there are several key. Such as dress up the floodlight that independence can be set up by the mirror, on the lens of basin of wash one's hands or installed on the wall, wall lamp, our purpose is to let the key part of each place toilet can be sufficient lighting. 5, bedroom: the bedroom belong to private space, you can follow one's inclinations, in the space layout should give priority to with warm, comfortable and pleasant feeling, in lamplight decorate must not have depressive feeling. Advocate the lamp style to agree with the adornment style of whole bedroom, light is not too strong or too white, let a bedroom appear inflexible not angry in case. Can use warm yellow ceiling chandeliers, with appropriate lampshade, make indoor more romantic and comfortable warmth. Top of the head of a bed can be embedded tube lamp or wall lamp, can also be embedded in the ark canister light, so that the reading in bed. The atmosphere of the bedroom illume wants to constitute a quiet, gentle, make the person has a sense of security. Study: the study is second only to the illicit close space in the master bedroom, inside, can read and write, using the computer to check information, listen to music, thinking, or for the future, so pay attention to calm quiet atmosphere, the lights should be soft. Additional lighting must meet the requirements, to prevent eye fatigue, even myopia. If the condition allows, can match a the desk lamp that shield an eye, because the desk lamp that shield an eye not only solved the incandescent light red, the problem of low contrast of color, and can solve the energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lamp stroboscopic caused harm to eyesight.
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