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Suggested that the choice of brand manufacturer of lamps and lanterns of choose and buy as far as possible

by:Longjian     2020-09-02
The service life of the lamps and lanterns boast skillful with electronic ballasts have a lot in the relationship, once its electronic ballasts can't is the home work, even if the decorative chandelier again luxurious and elegant, so also no adornment effect, so the electronic ballast should add protection circuit, to prevent damage to electronic components, when buying art droplight should pay attention to the quality of electronic ballasts, modern art lamp factory advice as far as possible the choice of brand manufacturers to buy it. Although we can't get this mixed with science and art speaks very interesting question, but can still explain: brightness, color temperature, shading, soft light, reflected light decorate the basic problem. Sitting room advocate the lamp light of modern art with warm white right, it can keep the whole space is relaxed and natural, have enough range of lighting and brightness, at the same time to slightly yellow let a sitting room is warm. But the other lamps and lanterns of the sitting room, such as floor lamp, desk lamp should use the warm light of 2700 ~ 3000 k, so in the main lamp doesn't open when can maintain strong warm and comfortable, also beneficial to form the space level stereo feeling. The light of the bedroom is given priority to with warm light, easy to prepare the person before entering the sleep state, not easily excited. Reading lamp or floor lamp to warm the white light can be warm light, the light will help protect vision, reduce the blue light. But more than warm white warm light helps to improve the excitement, to prevent the reading to sleep may help. Advocate the lamp of the kitchen: warm white or white light, because operations must be focused on for a long time in the kitchen, the sunlight is strong, the function of maintaining excitement can also be found easily dirt in the kitchen. Table lamp with the warm light of about 3000 k is more appropriate, under the color temperature, food can look more attractive, the specific effect can refer to a variety of restaurant dining experience. Toilet is very appropriate with warm light, under such a color temperature, defect is not easy to be shown on the skin, skin color more even. This is the reason why a lot of beauty to take all like in the bathroom.
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