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Su Bing added as the second session of the world wide mansion 'top ten outstanding youth' - Lighting proud of you

by:Longjian     2020-10-10
Su Bing added as the second session of the world wide mansion 'top ten outstanding youth - Lighting proud of you two days of the second broad mansion person assigned room meeting yesterday opened in zhuhai, congress for the second session of the world wide mansion 'ten outstanding characters' Fang Weixia, lui, gui-ping li, jing-tang he, Shao Jianming, Henry cheng, oh chee eng, show-stopping, Cai Huiling, Ian and' top ten outstanding youth entrepreneurship, Su Bing zhuang tian, PLC, zhang yong, Shao Hanbin, Lin chi-ping, OuYangHaoDong, Xia Junying, such as aluminum, Xiao Jiamin Huang Xi recognition. Among them, the Asian 'air' Su Bing was awarded 'top ten outstanding youth. Lighting proud of you! Add: Asia 'air' Su Bing aspires to be a great athlete on August 23 this year, the national stadium 'bird's nest, from guangdong province zhongshan Su Bing add in the men's 100 m semi-final run out of 9. 99 seconds, the final success, created the Chinese athletes in the 100 - meter dash project of new history, also became the first in the world championship finals hundred meters air of the yellow race. Su Bing tian was born in 1989, because of the specific jumping ability and explosive force, after graduating from junior high school was elected to the sports school of zhongshan, guangdong in 2006 track team; In 2011, the national track and field championships, his fame, with 10. 16 seconds broke the national record 13 years dusty 10. 17 seconds. Since 2009 enrolled in jinan university, Su Bing add while maintaining the high strength training, also ensure the high attendance, undergraduate course graduation thesis named 'good'. Su Bing added in 2013 to become jinan school of economics, the first is the identity of the master graduate student athletes, the research direction for the sports industry competitiveness. At present, the master's degree thesis has smooth opening, next year is expected to get a master's degree. In the eyes of jinan teacher li-jing zhang, Su Bing add attaches great importance to learning, 'his game, training and learning often have conflicts, but he put these very reasonable. After the fall of repair back, find classmates borrow notes learning, etc. 'sports this road will go very hard, experience of more than outsiders imagine. I think the most important thing is to tolerance for solitude. I clearly know their goals, so the usual life, I will not be any interference of the outside world, everything can not hold up against me. 'Su Bing tian said. For the future, Su Bing tian said: 'there is no want to so much, best make progress, do our best to run into 9. In 99 seconds. Liu, I want to learn to be a great athlete. ”
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