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street light floor lamp

by:Longjian     2020-03-14
By turning the old street light into a new Longjian floor lamp, bring the dazzling brightness of the street light to your working space.
This street lamp was found in a building reuse shop.
It looks like it is badly damaged, partially distorted, and lacks a glass cover that protects the bulb.
It was perfect because I only used the lamp case.
This industrial lighting solution is unique and will definitely stop some of your colleagues.
Like a real outdoor public infrastructure, it provides a great canvas for labels and stickers.
The center of the project is obviously a street light room.
I found mine at a salvage yard that collected all sorts of crazy items.
You can take a look at our field trip here. The shape of the street light was very bad, so I had to clean it up with a sandblasting machine and some elbow grease to make it look decent.
I start with the base of my lamp and work up.
Since I wanted a Longjian floor lamp, I knew the base had to be strong, so I decided to use two plywood sheets of 3/4.
Two pieces were cut into 2\'x\' 2.
This will enable the lamp to stand freely and provide sufficient support.
While my lights are separate, I think a larger foot is needed or a weight should be placed to fix the base.
I have my light under my desk legs and it provides a lot of support.
I first positioned the mounting ring near the edge of a sheet and tracked the inner opening to a sheet.
Bolt openings are also traced back to plywood.
Cut the tracked opening with a hole saw and drill the bolt opening, I also bury the bolt head with the counter sub.
The Bolt enters the collar from the bottom and then holds the collar in place with the bolt.
After that, attach the second plywood to the lower side of the first plywood and fix it with screws.
This sturdy base is then polished to remove any burrs and bypass from the corners.
The 2 \"EMT straight catheter length I bought is 10 \'.
Since I wanted my lamp to be operated with a zipper, I decided to reduce my lamp to about 7 \'.
I measured and marked my size on the tube and then took it to the cold saw and cut it into length.
I drilled a small opening near one end of the pipe to install the wire.
Drill an opening, and then the drill bit tilts at a certain angle, creating a sloping path for the rope to extend into the pipe.
The opening is untied and The Wire is screwed into the opening until it comes out of the top.
The rope was pulled out of the pipe and tied up to keep things tidy.
After the street light was rebuilt, we went back to the wire.
This street light is connected to the 2 \"EMT conduit through a bracket with two large bolts that hold it.
I removed the two bolts and brackets and cleaned them well with a wire brush to remove any debris.
Then insert the 2 \"elbow EMT into the back of the lamp head, the bracket is mounted on the top of the elbow, and then tighten the bolt to secure the elbow in place.
In order to work effectively, the zipper socket of this lamp needs the structure to support.
I screw the zip socket to the 8 \"lamp nipple and place the assembly in the position I want.
Since this street light was not designed for such a small bulb, I had to create my own stand to install the lamp nipple.
Fortunately, I can have Threaded mounting holes inside the lamp head.
When measuring the mounting holes, I cut a piece of 3/4 wood as a stand for mounting the holes and drilling holes to match the threaded holes.
Now the nipples can be mounted on the scrap wood stand.
I found the center of the waste wood and drilled an opening with the same diameter as the nipple.
The nipple is threaded so I can install it in the stand by attaching it to the card tray of the drill bit and screwing it in.
Now the wire can go through the hollow nipple, connect to the lamp socket, and then assemble the socket.
The entire assembly can then be installed inside the lamp and the wooden stand is screwed into the mounting hole.
My lights are not covered with lights so I decided to do it myself.
There are several ways to make a dome
It\'s like a lamp cover, but we can use a vacuum cleaner and I want to find an excuse to use it.
I was looking around the store for something roughly the right shape, and after a while I decided to go out and buy a watermelon and cut it in half.
The shape of the dome is perfect. I like watermelon.
The vacuum cleaner works by heating a thin sheet of plastic, the object you want to form is placed on a vacuum table under the object, then the plastic sheet is placed into the object and the vacuum table is activated.
Then, when the plastic cools, the hot plastic stretches around the object, and it harden into the shape of the object.
You know the plastic is ready to be put on your object (
Next watermelon in this case)
When it starts to sag under the heating element-
As shown in Figures 4 and 5.
Hot plastic drops on the form and vacuum engages.
When cooling, the plastic will have the exact shape of the shape.
After vacuum molding, take out the watermelon slices to eat.
Then cut the vacuum shape with scissors to fit the opening of the street lamp.
In order to make my light brighter, I decided to spread the transparent plastic.
Since I can use the sand blasting machine, this is what I use.
The same results can be easily obtained using sandpaper.
Finally, the lamp cover needs an opening to pull the chain.
Notice where the chain fell, a small opening was drilled on the lamp cover.
It is then possible to install the lid, pass the chain through the lid, and install the lower half of the lamp into the upper flush.
After all the components are completed, we can connect the lamp head and elbow to the upright position.
Since EMT is galvanized, I was unable to weld the two parts together and luckily they sold 2 \"EMT compression coupler.
The hook is attached to the elbow and upright and tightened to fix the two parts together.
The cantilever is not too far and the light assembly is not too heavy, so the coupler can hold the head firmly.
Finally, I finished the processing of aluminum with oil, so that it has a dark matte surface.
I operate the floor lamp under my desk to keep it safe and place the chain directly above my head.
Now, the glorious street lamp lumens can bathe my desk under the pull of the switch.
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