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Strategy | choose the lamps and lanterns decorate, warm atmosphere

by:Longjian     2020-10-04
Strategy | choose the lamps and lanterns decorate, rendering most soft outfit after heart warm atmosphere of the new room is tie-in, if the lamps and lanterns that did not match good, the sitting room becomes dull. Pay big money laid floor and background wall, in the dark moment want to send out their unique glamour, really pay attention from the lamp. Carefully designed lighting can play its proper role. With good light, new house in the dark rather more atmosphere, functional lighting collocation can bring convenience, habitant has a quality of life. Lighting according to the layout of furniture collocation to design have administrative levels feeling of the light, can from the ambient light, outline, focus light this three kinds of layout. , environment, light environment light can be used to advocate the lamp, canister light, shoot the light, let a space produce light changes. Don't need too bright to see TV unknowingly, anti find things can find the degree, and the home bright surface decoration synergies. The main light, may be too much worry too much about the lamp type depression to space, but buying a small instead lose the existence of the main light feeling, adornment effect is greatly reduced, suggested that advocate the lamp size can choose 800 mm diameter. Scattered layout of the environment light better adjust brightness in the living room. TV setting wall back add the hidden lamp, can reduce the brightness difference, alleviate visual fatigue. Second, the contour outline of light using the lamp belt or lamp chamfer, emphasize the outline of the ceiling and metope, increased dimensional administrative levels. Lights on the ceiling with a floating feeling, vertical high sitting room, make the home more elegant. Choose warm white light 2700 K to 3000 K, can present a beautiful texture on the wood, if not at home, karaoke party special scenarios, such as sitting room is tonal light shoulds not be too complicated, same space should also be unified tonal changes in temperature. Three, focus the light focus light to seize the line of sight, there are bright spots on the design, build local atmosphere. Adornment picture, metope stereo modelling, mesa furnishing articles, and other areas above can increase focus light. At the same time as the fill light, such as reading need more brightness provide lighting scenarios. Quiet night, open the vertical reading lamp, socket on the sofa reading a book, enjoy the time don't be disturbed. The layout of the light as the artistic creation, in the design of lamps and lanterns, need to communicate with professional designers, according to the raw wire and style preferences, can perfect collocation good home lighting.
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