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Spring sleep unknowingly and fireplace heating know how much?

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
Fireplace is a common heating equipment is not complicated, its principle is very simple, is through internal combustion chamber of a stove or furnace the heat generated by the agglomeration, release with changes to heat in the whole object space, the heat conduction, radiation, convection and conduction ways troupe three forms. Conduction conduction is not fireplace in the main way of heat transfer, or even to avoid problems. As the name suggests, the transmission is from the high temperature heat source to the peripheral transfer heat energy, so that involves outer frame structure after contact with body heat loss, the loss of the most common and most can be found in steel fireplace ( The article 'century difficult problem! What the hell am I suitable for what kind of fireplace? There are specific, there is not much here) , general cast iron fireplace because of the specific heat, heat loss is not obvious, but still need to deal with the internal insulation and external protection, minimize the loss of heat produced in the relay. For open fireplace, convection heat convection is an import means; And when this object into the fireplace, open fireplace will direct emissions from indoor carbon dioxide from burning, has certain security hidden danger; If it is a fireplace, produce air convection prerequisite must be based on chimney with power under the condition of normal working status, if yes efficiency affected, chimney will have smoke flow backward so as to affect the state of the environment inside the bedroom, so convection heat conduction want to accomplish at this time, have to be set up under the normal ventilation, ventilation. Besides the above list, there is a small part of the side effects can be by changing the furnace size, fireplace chimneys to avoid work efficiency of ascension. Fireplace heat conduction through the convection will is the most remarkable characteristic of uniform will heat the tile, the distinction between each point temperature inside the space does not have. The working principle of the pressed type is hot air rises, squeeze the cold air, the below form local negative pressure layer, when stress, cold air will be close to the fireplace, which was heated, after heating the hot air will because of its density with weight forming updrafts, squeeze the air loop in guarantee the stability of the negative pressure layer, the convection heat conduction way don't care area or the heating, it is distributed evenly over the entire space, and because of the reason of air convection, the cycle of transfer heat. Radiation radiation the fireplace important type of heat diffusion itself, forged the fireplace itself the demand is higher, difficulty of technological complexity is high, but it is not difficult to understand, heat transfer is through the enamel fireplace installed microcrystalline Pyrex outward radiation, high temperature infrared heating will they can refraction, penetrate into all furniture, objects, people, etc. , the basic and the principle of solar radiation and heat in the same way, the heat conduction can increased with the increase of distance to produce inevitable decline state, the farther away, the lower the temperature will be, the same space distance of the heat source location at different distances, will feel the difference in temperature difference is bigger. Above the combustion performance of three kinds of model of thermal conductivity is the fireplace when the cooling principle of with the norm, ideally heat transformation between them is not the sum of the differences, in other words it is the heat energy can be held in a closed space, are always equal, among the three different is that they are of the fast heating speed, regional difference in temperature of high and low.
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