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Solve the flue gas flow backward, increase the combustion efficiency, only need to add it on the chimney!

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
May you always have a question, what is the guarantee the fireplace could be so efficient run? The answer is simple, is the chimney, it is the premise of protection of the normal work of combustion system, at the same time on the chimney there is another academic term, and take power, is the size of the suction force and the height of the chimney itself into a proportional relationship. Actual scenario, when we install the fireplace, is likely to be met the scene environment factors lead to the fireplace chimneys cannot reach the established installation height, or the flue is always in the process of the installation in the horizontal, unable to form effective vertical layout, moreover needs through three to four meters of space, the wall can be connected to the outside, in the role of the high of the length of the horizontal distance, we, if installed in accordance with the specifications for need of the vertical height of the chimneys rose to more than 20 meters or more, this is obviously unrealistic, but on the scenario described with the real situation is of practical problems, so how do you finish to take power in the height of the limited enough? Relevant professional exhaust fan then arises at the historic moment. Chimney system structure building as the most important burning fireplace, rehearsed the discharging exhaust gas in furnace, from not just within the more important is to absorb into the fresh air in the clean and pure no impurities to auxiliary combustion cycle. To some extent, the combustion efficiency depends on the fireplace chimneys smoking force size. Lung is to man as a chimney to the fireplace, vital capacity is too small, people can do heavy work, and lungs healthy and lively, body conde, lung inflammation in, whole body fatigue, so the maintenance from the beginning of the lung, the fireplace is to choose the right installation, chimney. But also as I mentioned in this paper, a lot of chimney is 'help', then the exhaust fan will be appropriate help, send it straight on the sky. Fireplace with chimney smoke extraction fan is, however, a small niche industry produces professional equipment, because out of the chimney of exhaust gas belong to high temperature has certain corrosive gas, so the ordinary fan could not finish the work in these conditions, in addition to install the fireplace with chimney smoke extraction fan also need to have clear easy disassembly, speed control, can prevent wind and rain, stop automatically, etc. Use the fireplace with chimney smoke exhaust fan benefits: 1, certain conditions to reduce the original chimney height requirement and guarantee 2 fireplace fixed installation location choice 3, solve the problem of flue gas flow backward 4, it is easier to fire in the hearth 5, improve the efficiency of burning fireplace 6, effective to reduce or remove odor indoor 7, effectively reduce the harmful material such as creosote to accumulation of chimney, certain reduces the number of cleaning maintenance costs
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