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Simple introduction of stone fireplace frame

by:Longjian     2020-10-22
The stone is often used as fireplaces, woodstoves, and decorative wall. If use contains penetrating sealant of tung oil seal stone electric fireplace, the clean stone fireplace will be easier. Sealant has moisture-proof performance, can in stone material surface to form a layer of hard coating. Occasionally scrub stone in order to clear the dust on the stone or vacuum aspiration. Mixed with yellow laundry soap in the boiling water, mixed solution after cooling plus 1/2 pounds of pumice and 1/2 household ammonia, mix well. Made of a solution to eliminate soot. Brushed away as far as possible with the brush first soot, after mixing with a brush brush good solution to the stone material, placed in half an hour with a stiff brush and warm water to clean. Thoroughly rinse with warm water at last. Daily cleaning can use detergent or soap, if necessary use mild abrasives. Rinse and wipe dry. If it is SLATE floors, can put a piece of soft cloth soaked in lemon oil polishing agent, after use dishcloth SLATE can increase SLATE floors and beautiful. Use clean cloth to remove excess grease on stone. This makes the stone color evenly. The fireplace when use don't use wax on the fireplace. For the grease of the stone grill, can add half a cup of hot water in 1 gallon of trisodium phosphate solution. Wear rubber gloves, with a stiff brush to wash the stone material surface. Rinse with warm water. If you can't completely remove oil stains can be repeated several times. Can add more if necessary, trisodium phosphate, such as a cup of a gallon. Because this is a very exciting solution, therefore want to avoid with the skin, carpet or the fabric contact.
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