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Simple analysis the lamps and lanterns and introduces the advantages of modern art

by:Longjian     2020-08-25
Modern art lamp, not only provides light for the home, also is the art of decoration in the space. Lamp decoration of modern art is also an indispensable part of in domestic outfit, choose a artistic modern art lamp, can let oneself bedroom add light color. We often choice lamps and lanterns of modern art is also a kind of domestic adornment lamps and lanterns of modern art, many times we choose modern art lamp can have the feeling that, too. Modern art lamp picture is we choose lamps and lanterns is very good reference in modern art, because through the pictures show art lamps and lanterns of modern art. The lamp is a distant cousin of the glass family - modern art Inorganic glass. Is the early products of thermoplastics, with good clarity, chemical volatility and abrasion resistance good advantage, and should be easy to its processing and the characteristics of dyeing makes its products a lot in the building industry. Domestic outfit fashionable elements of modern art after the lamp is popular, many people will be modern art lamp as the home of choice for modern art lighting lamps in modern art, there are also some business store light of modern art is often used to decorate the signboard. Then we will see what are the advantages of the modern art lamps and lanterns: color, color, strong durability. Modern art lamp high surface gloss, durability of colour and lustre is gorgeous, color 5 - — 8 years, in other words, that is, 5 - — Will not change color, fade within eight years. Second, the transmission of light makes for outdoor advertising industry of zhongshan guzhen lamp plate has the extremely good pervious to light quality of modern art, coupled with the built-in light source, night average brightness, downy, compared with the neon lights of modern art in zhongshan guzhen lamp word is all the light of modern art, don't like neon lights of modern art is line soft light and the neon lights of modern art line. 1. Non-toxic, harmless even contact with people for a long time, and toxic gases burn occurs when the gas will not occur. 2. Durability, the products of the built-in light source has a good protection, extend the service life of the light source products. 3. Rationality, the rationality of design, waterproof moisture-proof, open structure, easy maintenance. 4. Resistance to impact, is 200 times that of glass products, almost no risk of cracking.
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