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Simple analysis the artistic lamp life is how long?

by:Longjian     2020-09-11
With the improvement of social economy, the development of science and technology, the improvement of people's life quality, not only for lighting lamps and lanterns, besides the function of illumination, also bring visual appearance. For instance, the modelling of the traditional and modern art lamp, compared to the improvement in appearance, also added inside the LED light source, more environmentally friendly and can be recycled, this is the benefits of scientific progress. Back to the 70 s and 80 s of last century, with the lamp lighting is very luxury things. Look back, however, the lighting is essential, life has been inseparable from the lighting. From ancient kerosene lamps to modern LED lamps and lanterns, various aspects have made great progress, this change, let us feel the age, society forward. After all these most is draw lessons from foreign experience in the industry and development, so art lamp industry in our country to develop more mature, still need a period of time. Because our country LED lamps and lanterns of the overall price will be higher, this is also the LED industry development in our country is not one of the important reasons, also has caused many products can find a way out in the domestic market, the excessive competition is also a problem. From the point of the current domestic market, many art lamp enterprises are lack of sales channels, or a period, prices lead to competition is intense, the situation is very obvious, this for future development is also will have certain negative effect, foreign major developed economies recession will LED lighting of export-oriented enterprises. So the service life of art lamp is how long? At present good quality art lamp, luminous efficacy can be 120 lm/w, the service life of 100000 hours, if day 8 hours daylight lamp, can use 12500 days, into a year for 34 years. So much is longer, if only say 100000 hours, give a person impression is too small. In fact, 100000 hours is 34 years, no worries the service life of LED lamp is not long enough. Art lamp at home has always been his edge dew, and in recent years has developed into the general youth daily necessities. Especially in many big cities, such as north but the three lines in our jiangmen city lamp also have another as art. High art lights go go far, today, the domestic lighting market after 5 years of rapid development, art lamp has the first-tier cities gradually covering the second - and third-tier cities. In the future, art lamp market is bound to cheek by jowl. Baidu keywords ranking in recent years, the art lamp with fierce, have let other lighting category, all lighting field into the contemporary era of lamp is not unstoppable trend. Many art lamp brand sales doubled, thus market potential is to be reckoned with.
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