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by:Longjian     2020-10-21
When some of the west's way of living in China spread, fireplace also with dark horse stance, sharp, into the romantic, the pursuit of the urban petty bourgeoisie taste of home. Fireplace is generally applicable to or in the master bedroom, sitting room, dining-room, study and plants, adorn article, hang a picture to interweave together, forming a natural and harmonious space atmosphere. With close friends and family, sitting around a fire burning fireplace, it is the happiest moment those successful people! The fireplace, let a person forget the cold outside, also let a person had a close. Let the fire in winter in jumping and singing, see red and bright light refracting the touching feelings. In addition, the Curie add a fireplace in the home, the fire shining bring you warm but also herald a day of fire. In the west, the fireplace is an important part of the culture of Europe and the United States, is one of the important decoration in the bedroom, in the middle ages of Europe, fireplace once represent the identity and status. Tall stone fireplace frame of exquisite carving skills, honor and power; Soft wooden fireplace frame, give a person the feeling of elegance, sweet. Maybe someone will say, this year's winter is not too cold, don't need fireplace, but in some people who have a romantic heart, leaping flames can bring the entire home angry, let people release nostalgia emotions into the warm. This winter, we can try according to household whole style placed in the home of a modern or classic or plain pie fireplace, just such a decoration, home was full of warmth and personality. The following, introduce several kinds of current relatively popular in the fireplace. A, modernist stone material fireplace modern fireplace is often used as the key point of the visual center of the sitting room wall design. The wall to make the shape of the mantel, deserve to go up European paintings, beautiful modelling, the sitting room is full of exotic ornament. Is given priority to with fireplace visual center, build a warm indoor atmosphere, let whole bedroom style is free and clear, the atmosphere. Stone material fireplace, smooth texture, line is concise, abandon all useless details, keep the most natural and pure part of life. In addition, through the transparent material such as glass, coloured glaze furnishing articles, also can let the fireplace look more fashionable. Second, classical marble, solid wood fireplace decorated marble fireplace the richest European court temperament, delicate carve patterns or designs on woodwork on the pilaster and the curve of the complex made the classical style of elegant temperament, suggests a order and level of the bearing, is the luxury of upper-class artistic performance. Through the eye-catching decoration, emphasizes the comparison of the strength and grace, intermittent, is like concealed, and permeate a romantic feelings. Fireplace confidently entrenched in the middle of the hall, massiness and gorgeous, just like the home life axis, solemn and sweet atmosphere be fireplace deduce out at the same time, this design in some European political center and the royal family party is very popular. Still have a kind of the wood frame with cast iron core of the fireplace, red wine, coffee, etc compared commonly colour dense cherry wood and so on, retained the traditional on modelling, and dispense with multifarious adornment. If placed around comfortable cloth art sofa, covered with thick carpet, a European classic feelings. Three, rural locations of red brick, rubble stone fireplace if like simple random country style, can choose the original rough mantel, such as red brick, simply a few bricks, even to make bricks with traces of crumbling, nostalgia and random approach, easily to choose the furniture of tonal and consistent, appear more harmonious and unified whole. If fireplace chosen is rubble revetment, the more primitive simplicity and natural.
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