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shopping for floor lamps

by:Longjian     2020-03-07
The Longjian floor lamp is usually supported by the player in the room, not the stars in the space.
But even if they are not noticed, they are essential for creating the right atmosphere.
\"They provide good ambient light, and you can\'t do it just by overhead lighting,\" says New York interior designer Victoria Cherry . \".
\"I use them on every project.
When she designed the house for the client
Many of them will be included in Rizzoli\'s book \"Victoria levy: dream space\" published this fall
She uses floor lamps in various ways.
\"It\'s a bit lower, which is great for reading,\" she said . \" Shades can illuminate the armchair directly.
\"Then I used the higher Longjian floor lamp in a sculpture way.
There are also some people who stretch out their arms to light up the entire seating area.
\"There are so many different kinds,\" Ms. Hagan said.
\"You just need to know what you want to do.
\"How many floors will the lights occupy?
\"Some people have a huge base and are very clumsy, which goes against the whole purpose,\" she said. Hagan said.
\"I like it when they don\'t take up too much space.
\"Is the light intensity and temperature of the lamp appropriate?
\"If you buy a reading lamp in the market . \"
\"You need to go and see it yourself,\" said Julie.
\"How does it work with other fixtures in the room?
\"I always like to mix different lighting layers with multiple fixtures that can be used together,\" she said . \". Japanese-
Terrazzo inspiration light-
Like the base of Ross Cassidy | CB2: $299-$800606-6252 or cb2.
Metal lamp made of brass
Modified feet for Anthropologie | $198: 800-309-
2500 or anthropology.
Com__lamp with brass finish and two shades of milk glass provided by Bower | West Elm $399: 888-922-4119 or westelm.
Com ___ lamp with polycarbonate shade made with GamFratesi | fontanelite: $835-$212334-
3295, fontanelite. com____Height-
Adjustable LED light with aluminum head for Daniel Rybakken | Luceplan $1,410: 212-334-
1809 or lucky plan.
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