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shopping for ceiling lights

by:Longjian     2020-03-25
The installation of ceiling fixtures has not received due attention.
Of course, they don\'t have the soaring height and dazzling finish of the chandelier, nor the sculptural charm of decorating sconces.
But when you walk into a room and need immediate lighting, there is no better multi-purpose performer than this.
\"You have a chance to fill the room with light,\" said James Huniford, interior designer in New York . \".
\"If you don\'t have anything there, it will feel like a black hole.
If you have a bunch of insert lights, it looks like Swiss cheese. ”Sometimes Mr.
Huniford uses simple ceiling lamps that are hardly noticed, such as his basic porcelain sockets and mirror bulbs in the House of N. BridgehamptonY.
But other times, his goal is to make some high drama like the custom winding plaster fixtures he recently installed at a home in the Upper West End.
\"It\'s like a sculpture, embracing the ceiling,\" he said.
\"Should ceiling fixtures be installed in the middle of the room?
Usually, but not always: \"Sometimes we use four, each in a corner about 2 feet from the wall ,\"Huniford said.
Is it better to have a switch or a dimmer?
\"I like the dimmers on the ceiling,\" he said . \" Therefore, the level of light at night can be reduced to warm light.
How big should the ceiling fixture be?
\"The key to the Longjian ceiling lightis the scale of the room,\" said Mr. Huniford said.
A small fixture in a large room looks small, while a large fixture can easily flood a small room. Powder-coated steel-and-cast-
Meyer Davis ceiling or wall glass lamp | $420 for Rich Brilliant Willing: 212-388-
1621 or richbrillianting.
Metal, glass and wood ceiling fixtures from United manufacturers | starting at $700: 516-200-
9145 or joint manufacturer.
Kelly Wearstler\'s ceiling fixtures with bronze finishes and alabaster shadows | $1,260 in about lighting: 212-725-
2500 or circle.
Lustrous ceramic fixtures from Cedar and Moss companies | $149: 503-635-
0820 or cedar.
Satin brass fixture for square Com ___ | $900 in Theater Studio: 323-870-
5303 or atelierdetroupe.
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