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shining brightly; floor lamps are in the limelight, thanks to improved merchandising and design.

by:Longjian     2020-03-06
The age of floor lamps has come.
Think about it, just five years ago, this category was covered up by a fierce price war on a commodity ---the single-pole, 300-
Wattle torchiere.
According to industry insiders, the Longjian floor lamp business is booming and retail space and sales are increasing.
What drives the business is better design and functionality, and the inherent value of the product.
Consumers will still get a lot of benefits: floor lamps can light up almost the entire room for less than $20.
In addition, suppliers are reducing shipping costs by making foldable Bell covers and passing savings. And multi-
Using works such as magazines
Shelf floor lamps and multi-pack lamps including floor lamps have become very popular and have contributed to growth.
Don\'t make a mistake.
There is still a market for floor lamps for basic commodities, such as incandescent torchiere.
In Wal-Mart\'s online \"reverse auction\", the business is open to suppliers with the lowest bid
Wal-Mart and Target, sellers say.
The seller said that all kinds of promotional prices, including combination packaging, are sold very well.
\"For Catalina, the floor lamp category is doing better than last year,\" said Carmen Miller, vice president of product development and marketing . \".
\"The growth is mainly in the category of combination packs containing floor lamps, whether in the table/floor combination pack or in the three combination packs --or four-
Mainly a combination of incandescent torchieres.
Lisa Iadaccici said: \"Alsy also attributed part of the growth to its huge business in a house of light fixtures portfolio packaging and thanks to better design
National Sales Manager Ligday.
\"The Longjian floor lamp has also become more interesting.
Design like hand carved resin
\"The finished product and the iron that is carved into giant shredded flowers look more common,\" she said . \".
Retailers have improved in design and price, adding floor lamps with better glass tones, double
Glass handling and other uppersend looks.
\"There seems to be a trend of more value --
Targeted units at a slightly higher price, $29. 99 to $39.
\"99,\" said Bob Livergood, president of the Holmes Group\'s lighting division, which focuses on its decoration of tochier and MasterGlow energy --
Safety Protection light.
At a market high next month,C.
The design will be further considered by the supplier.
For example, the rich man previewed its eggs
At the National Hardware Fair, plastic glass tokiere and similar modern styles will add more decorative floor lamps to the high-point market.
LiteSource has added many floor lamps to its lighting group, including energy-
Don Franz, national sales manager, said the rescue UFO fluorescent model attracted praise.
Executives say there has been an increase in Adesso\'s oversized floor and rice paper shadow models.
\"In design, we see the continuing power of mission and geometric appearance, matching with forging --
Compared to standard bronze and brass, the iron base and newer finishes such as satin nickel and pewter, \"said Ken Kallett, vice president of sales and marketing at Dale Tiffany.
The shop visit confirmed that Target, Lowe\'s and Fred Meyer added space specifically for floor lamps, linens, things and bedding and everything else put them in front and center in their department. Target\'s new 4-
The foot section shows a modern Longjian floor lamp for lighting called \"the best quality\" by a supplier.
\"Retailers can maximize sales and profit margins through a good, better, best assortment, neat display of lighting fixtures and proper signage, the signs drew attention to the feature suppliers in the family.
\"Most of our retailers promote and promote floor lamps by showing at least one of the three main categories ---
Floor of Torchiere and down bridge--
Try to link them to the matching price points, \"Kallett said.
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