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Shenzhen clients mr. wong on placing many contracted droplight

by:Longjian     2020-10-17
On September 5 in the afternoon, the shenzhen mr. wong on exhibition hall continuous order a new contracted number of droplight. Mr. wong already is our old customers cooperation for many years, replenishment many times every month. And taste very good, see the is our new hot style, the business is thriving. Coming here is to see our product information published in more than a lot of new fund, want to come in person to pick a few back to sell, don't come I don't know, startled, see our showroom in diverse styles of lamps and lanterns, immediately surprised! Around the exhibition hall to visit several times still feel not enough, after all our products are professional designers, design style that is a few minutes to attract customers, finally finally, mr. wong frank underground for more than a single new droplight, satisfied to leave the hall.
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