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Serious! ! ! It's a self-built outdoor fireplace instructional methods

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
Outdoor fireplace is integrating the decorative and functional itself focus, classic design elements in the backyard. Can let your home become different, but need to look before you leap before build, especially those of you who want to start from scratch to build outdoor fireplace, particularly the need for careful consideration, can want to build a 'lifetime' outdoor fireplace, you can refer to the following steps. 1 planning basis. Structures, and using the outdoor fireplace for many reasons, the concrete will need to consider the main play what role do you want it? For any important reason? Or some specific factors, these belong to basic planning, as is known to all, fireplace can foil atmosphere, comfortable environment is enough to make it, if want to host a large party is again good however, outdoor fireplace is a natural born to party, so you need to consider how to build in the same space can accommodate more people, and also can make different angles when viewing, has a unique landscape and campfire. 2. Many homeowners affected by TV drama, the drama, will choose stone as a main material for outdoor fireplace, much like the song of ice and fire: right game 'Lord of the north border KeJia backyard model to remove the stone, brick is also a very good choice, and is a more traditional look, and artificial stone pile let furnace of more modern. If don't want to let the periphery also made of stone, plaster is also very popular with the current element. 3. According to the size of the existing layout to coordinate the outdoor fireplace. Because the fireplace in the space design has such two main purposes, one is to become the focus of the whole backyard, 2 it is to the view of the existing icing on the cake, become more extreme. Not neglected, nor seize person eyeball, in the process of building that is the need to grasp the degree. 4. By burning wood or choice. What kind of fireplace is best for you? Most outdoor fireplace is burning wood, or is each has his strong point. Outdoor fireplace as the successor of the traditional, has incomparable natural fireplace flame, landscape and odor and wood in voice crackled in the hearth of burning; While compared with outdoor fireplace, in does not produce wood ash, there will be no embers, better without chimney and less construction license. The author here only to compare the two as a reference for you choose. Construction of the 1. Lay the foundation, a trench excavation, and then using vibration compaction reinforcement foundation, combine the concrete pumping, also can use cinder bricks, in the construction of base, leveling, ensure that the concrete or cinder spread evenly, if built with coal cinder, injecting mortar between each column, and also injected slurry in between each piece. Both in use concrete and coal cinder, be sure to make it stand for at least 24 hours. 2. Install the hearthstone. Hearthstone is the edge of the open part of fireplace, is probably the highlight of the outdoor fireplace. Correct installation hearthstone is an important step to build outdoor fireplace. The slurry injection 3/4 inches deep channel, 1 feet apart. Place the hearthstone. With a rubber hammer and level to ensure the hearthstone is vertical and calibration. If the hearthstone and furnace level can not. That Mars will be more difficult from the chamber of a stove or furnace directly in front of a splash. 3. If the bubble appears on the refractory brick, remove it with the connector and the brush. Where gap intercourse with plaster, to ensure the sealing of furnace body itself, at the same time let oven dry for at least 24 hours. 4. Using the outdoor fireplace, build the chimney is very necessary, chimney can assure you of combustion chamber of a stove or furnace flue gas discharge, and is equipped with bellows reduce flow backward. The chimney must be at least 0 than any higher than that of the adjacent structure. 609 m。 5. Base: the best base is reinforced concrete base. Self-built fireplace usually heavier, which means that the base need stronger and thicker than ordinary. Furnace, furnace used to make a fire and build firebrick furnace will build by laying bricks or stones. On the other hand, if you don't want to build myself, also can oneself buy a furnace ( Including the stainless steel material or other brick classes) 。 The chimney or vents: outdoor fireplace need to build the chimney and flue, and so on a series of facilities, and outdoor fireplace just need to vent. 6. At the corner of the is 90 degrees, to avoid the fireplace is pieced together from top to bottom brick quick connectors. According to the dentate joint gritted them. First stone and flush the corner, and then the second stone to take a foot or so in accordance with the first piece. The next two stones, change the direction of the joint. The first stone, the stone and flush the corner. Thus make it very exquisite fireplace from top to bottom corner. With plaster daub the solidification, the process will take at least 24 hours, so for the newly built good outdoor fireplace best stand for a few days again.
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